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Beginner PHP and MySQL Tutorial

Learn PHP and MySQL and start developing web apps like a pro!

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Created by Infinite Skills


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What you’ll learn

  • How to download and install PHP and MySQL tools and frameworks onto a server and home machine.
  • How to configure relevant setting to match the needs of your project.
  • How to work between a user interface and a database back-end that stores critical information.
  • How to plan and apply PHP and MySQL to specific examples and finally your own real world projects.


PHP and MySQL are incredibly powerful open source technologies that allow people to create functional websites and apps that go way beyond basic HTML. While it can seem intimidating to someone with no background in coding, working with PHP is much easier than many realize. With the right guidance and a desire to learn, most people can learn how to put together a functional web app in a few days! 

This PHP / MySQL Tutorial Video Course is narrated by Robert Tucker, a long-time trainer, lecturer and consultant who specializes in helping people learn how to use technology to solve real world problems. In this high-impact course, Robert walks users through the creation of a functional PHP / MySQL interface from beginning to end, explaining where needed the important technical points without relying on excessive jargon. This is not an overview of complex theory, but a hands-on primer that will allow even beginners to create usable solutions quickly! 

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Robert shows you how to make the most from these free technologies used by everyone from small startups to the biggest technology companies in the world. 

Learn PHP and MySQL and start developing web apps like a pro! Learn PHP and MySQL and start developing web apps like a pro!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to build a website that goes beyond the requirements of basic HTML and CSS.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build an app that can handle data and interface with end users at the same time.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how MySQL can function as a database solution.
  • Anyone who wants to learn basic programming and development skills without days of digging through technical books.

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Course content

14 sections • 156 lectures • 10h 41m total lengthCollapse all sections

Intro to Beginners PHP3 lectures • 8min

  • Working Files – Download These First00:01
  • Intro – What This Course Covers01:42
  • What We Need06:19

Getting Started16 lectures • 43min

  • Introducing XAMPP00:39
  • Downloading XAMPP00:59
  • XAMPP – Installing01:55
  • XAMPP – Setting Up02:19
  • Setting Up A PHP Editor – bluefish02:34
  • Introduction To bluefish02:49
  • The bluefish Interface03:13
  • bluefish Summary00:36
  • Downloading PHP Snippets02:31
  • PHP Comments04:19
  • Our First PHP Page05:01
  • Using PHP Snippets05:22
  • Intro To MySQL Databases03:14
  • Into To phpMyAdmin05:20
  • External Helpful Resources00:42
  • Exercises01:07

Our First Look At MySQL And PHP23 lectures • 1hr 44min

  • Connecting To A MySQL Database – Part 106:00
  • Connecting To A MySQL Database – Part 202:59
  • Our First MySQL Query – Part 106:21
  • Our First MySQL Query – Part 205:09
  • Creating A MySQL Database04:08
  • Create MySQL Tables – Part 103:37
  • Create MySQL Tables – Part 205:16
  • Database Structure05:40
  • Inserting Data in MySQL05:46
  • Updating MySQL Tables02:39
  • Updating MySQL Tables Example03:04
  • MySQL Delete Command06:44
  • Intro To Variables And Operators04:05
  • Arithmetic Operators03:38
  • Assignment Operators05:24
  • Comparison Operators04:14
  • Introduction To Arrays03:18
  • Numeric Arrays02:24
  • Associative Arrays04:08
  • Multi-Dimensional Arrays06:29
  • Creating And Working With Arrays04:20
  • Creating Arrays From A Text File07:18
  • Lesson Review01:22
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Outputting And Processing Data16 lectures • 1hr 4min

  • Hiding Sensitive Data01:57
  • Including Sensitive Data04:04
  • PHP Echo And Quotes – Part 105:13
  • PHP Echo And Quotes – Part 204:53
  • Formatting Using sprintf05:49
  • Outputting Tabular Data04:58
  • Outputting Data And Time05:31
  • Introduction To Loops02:21
  • do…while Loops01:51
  • Repetition – for Loops01:55
  • Repetition – foreach Loops04:07
  • MySQL Select04:31
  • Formatting Outputted MySQL Data02:03
  • MySQL Joins – Overview03:58
  • MySQL Joins03:31
  • MySQL Where And Order By06:55

Dealing With Variables10 lectures • 45min

  • Intro To Sending Variables01:47
  • Using Variables With GET07:57
  • Using Variables With POST03:27
  • Inserting Sent Data In A Database07:13
  • Updating A Database With Sent Data – Part 103:14
  • Updating A Database With Sent Data – Part 205:11
  • Redirection In PHP04:02
  • Creating A List – Example06:32
  • Styling The List – Example04:48
  • What We Have Learned01:08

Inserting And Using Database Data12 lectures • 39min

  • Using One Page To Process Forms – Part 102:07
  • Using One Page To Process Forms – Part 204:08
  • Multi Part Forms03:58
  • Save And Return POST and GET02:58
  • Save And Return INSERT01:50
  • Save And Return UPDATE03:02
  • Normalization04:01
  • Simple Drop Downs04:19
  • Complex Drop Downs03:58
  • Revised Form – The Code04:54
  • Revised Form – The Result02:50
  • Lesson Review00:55

MySQL Joins7 lectures • 37min

  • MySQL Join Types – Examples05:57
  • MySQL Join Diagrams01:44
  • Creating Nested Lists04:34
  • MySQL Nested Processing03:32
  • Styling Our Lists05:11
  • Intro To Functions07:34
  • Included Files08:28

PHP Errors And Security16 lectures • 1hr 10min

  • Introduction To Security And Errors01:25
  • Error Types – Databases08:25
  • PHP Error Types06:41
  • Custom Error Testing03:26
  • Create A Login Page08:12
  • Passwords For Login03:02
  • Protecting Pages08:35
  • Using Cookies – Theory01:33
  • Using Cookies – Practice04:42
  • Access Levels – Basic Restriction05:30
  • Access Levels – Restrict Fields02:51
  • Managing Users – Structure03:41
  • Managing Users – Create New03:46
  • Audit Trails – Access Function04:22
  • Audit Trails – Logging Logins03:07
  • Errors And Security – Review01:08
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Building A Template Page10 lectures • 42min

  • PHP Templates03:49
  • Building Our PHP Template CSS/HTML05:23
  • Creating Template Menu05:05
  • Create Template Login Script04:45
  • Template Logout Script04:28
  • CMS Switch Statement03:49
  • Building Our CMS04:29
  • Setting up our CMS Content06:07
  • Complete CMS Module02:16
  • Review And Exercise01:45

PHP Functions11 lectures • 58min

  • Function Structure06:40
  • Built In Functions Maths And Strings07:43
  • Built In Functions Date And Time04:05
  • Custom Functions04:08
  • Format With Functions03:18
  • Email Address Checking07:41
  • Database Functions04:34
  • Array Functions – sort And unique05:22
  • Array Functions – search, slice And merge07:09
  • Server Variables04:17
  • Browser Detection03:09

Using External Files, And Images9 lectures • 44min

  • Reading Text Files07:04
  • Writing Text Files04:05
  • Working With Image Files – exif04:53
  • Creating Image Files With GD Library04:31
  • Managing Images With GD Library05:33
  • Resizing Images With PHP02:50
  • Uploading Files – Overview03:15
  • Uploading Files – In Action06:29
  • Remote File Parsing05:27

Email With PHP8 lectures • 34min

  • Email With PHP And MySQL01:17
  • Sendmail SMTP Server02:21
  • Sendmail mail Function05:45
  • PHP mail CC And BCC03:48
  • HTML email Content06:45
  • Email Out – Hiding SMTP Address01:41
  • Email Out – Embedded Form06:48
  • Logging Sent Email06:02

Real Life PHP Introduction14 lectures • 52min

  • Real Life Introduction01:29
  • Building PHP Tools – Button Maker05:30
  • Building PHP Tools – Embedded Tool03:59
  • Managing Deletions – Suspension Fields03:29
  • Managing Deletions – Suspend Record05:28
  • Managing Deletions – Restore Records05:08
  • OO Programming – A Caveat02:06
  • OO Programming Model – DB Connection03:37
  • OO Programming – DB Examples06:05
  • CMS Open Source01:29
  • CMS Joomla04:56
  • CRM Download And Extract03:05
  • CRM vTiger Install03:39
  • CRM Modifying vTiger02:01

About The Author1 lecture • 1min

  • About The Author01:15

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