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Java Programming Basics

Learn to program! Let’s walk through some simple examples and I’ll explain everything along the way.

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Created by Charles Mulic


English [Auto]

What you’ll learn

  • Create Java programs from scratch
  • Break a large problem into smaller pieces that you can implement
  • Debug a program and understand how code gets executed


  • You don’t need anything! Well, maybe a computer. At the start of the course, we’ll walk through getting set up with the JDK and Eclipse, but you’re welcome to use the IDE of your choice (or none).


Learn about programming through a series of short, concise examples with line by line explanations covering everything from getting up and running to object oriented programming, data structures, and various tips and tricks to help you along your way.

Section 1 will get you up and running with everything you’ll need to write and run Java programs.

Section 2 will introduce fundamental programming concepts such as variables, methods, and control structures that will put you well on your way to writing your own applications.

Section 3 dives a bit deeper as we learn about object oriented programming. You’ll learn how to write code that can be reused easily, as well as gain some insight into technical details about how programs actually run on hardware.

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Who this course is for:

  • No prior knowledge is assumed. This course is aimed towards people beginning programming, or those looking for clarity on certain subjects

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Course content

3 sections • 17 lectures • 2h 48m total lengthCollapse all sections

Getting Up and Running2 lectures • 9min

  • Installing the JDK and Eclipse03:23
  • Hello World and Eclipse shortcuts05:31

The Basics.5 lectures • 1hr

  • Types and Variables13:12
  • Methods13:19
  • Variable Scope06:31
  • Conditionals14:54
  • Loops (and an intro to the debugger!)12:01

Object Oriented Programming10 lectures • 1hr 40min

  • Using Objects: Creating a Window10:34
  • Classes and Objects14:17
  • Reference and Value types07:46
  • Access Modifiers05:04
  • Packages06:30
  • Data Structures intro: Arrays12:05
  • Constants06:12
  • Intro to Inheritance09:54
  • Overriding Methods: drawing on a frame12:36
  • Abstract classes and methods14:37

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