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Hyperthinking: improve your day to day learning & creativity


What you’ll learn

  • Shift your own perspectives, and get more positive results from your meetings
  • Be creative in a systematic way and bring more creativity to your work
  • Achieve success by making the right move at the right time
  • Develop a better understanding of different perspectives and improve your capacity for empathy
  • Learn how to find less obvious solutions and stay one step ahead of others
  • Increase your learning capacity and expand your knowledge resources


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The world is changing fast and just catching up isn’t enough to succeed.

Successful people know how to stay ahead of changing circumstances. With the right thinking tools, you can adopt that mindset too!

HyperThinking helps you manage different challenges: from appreciating contradictory perspectives to managing conflicts, fromincreasing the quality of meetings to understanding your clients and co-workers. At the same time it supports your own learning process and increases your creative potential.

Regular use of HyperThinking tools equips you for working in and taking advantage of our new environment where change is the only constant and where ideas materialize at digital speed.

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This is the first course in the ZN Digital Masterclass online series. These courses will provide you with both the theory and practical tools for strategic digital consulting.

About Phil:

About Phil Weiss, author of HyperThinking:

Phil Weiss is Chairman and owner of ZN, a leading digital consultancy.

While studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford, he launched two college magazines, started the first student radio station on a full FM licence in the UK, and received the Young Achievers Award from HM the Queen. In Brussels he set up ZN, working with companies, political institutions – like the European Commission and Parliament – and other organizations on how to transform their communications by integrating a digital approach and tapping into the power of the Internet.

He works with such household names as Toyota, Microsoft, Sony, Sanofi Pasteur, UCB and many other industry associations. He developed the HyperThinking model to enable the ZN team and their clients manage rapid change and innovation, and to adapt their strategies and structures to the age of networks. In 2010, Phil co-founded TEDxBrussels. He is now Chairman of IABC Europe (International Association of Business Communicators).

In 2012, he wrote the book “HyperThinking,” defining the mindset needed to survive and thrive in the age of networks. The HyperThinking model is built upon the assumption that the most important skill required to help you and your organization grow is your mindset.

Who this course is for:

  • Communication Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Business students

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Course content

7 sections β€’ 23 lectures β€’ 1h 24m total lengthCollapse all sections

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Intro2 lectures β€’ 6min

  • Hyperthinking in a Nutshell03:01
  • Course Introduction03:19

HyperShift4 lectures β€’ 11min

  • Shifting paradigms and perceptions05:18
  • Quiz 1.11 question
  • Challenging assumptions04:13
  • Quiz 1.21 question
  • HyperShifting Recap3 pages
  • Assignment HyperShifting01:37

HyperLearn5 lectures β€’ 14min

  • HyperLearning: the on-going self learning03:13
  • Quiz 2.11 question
  • Tools that make studying easy05:30
  • Quiz 2.21 question
  • Training creativity04:18
  • Quiz 2.31 question
  • HyperLearning Recap6 pages
  • Assignment01:01

HyperLink4 lectures β€’ 5min

  • Hyperconnect your mind02:53
  • Quiz 3.11 question
  • Use your social networks to expand your knowledge01:21
  • HyperLinking Recap3 pages
  • Assignment00:40

HyperAct4 lectures β€’ 7min

  • HyperActing: making things happen03:01
  • Quiz 4.11 question
  • Lean Startup03:07
  • Quiz 4.21 question
  • HyperActing Recap3 pages
  • Assignment00:39

Final Recap1 lecture β€’ 0min

  • Final Recap2 pages

Bonus Lecture3 lectures β€’ 24min

  • TEDxTalk: Hyperthinking in TEDxGateway 2013, India08:28
  • TEDxTalk: Hyperthinking in education in TEDxULB 2014, Belgium13:02
  • Lecture 23: The Power of Networks02:22

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