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Terraform 101

Getting Started with Terraform

Free tutorial

Created by Jacob Jones


What you’ll learn

  • How to setup Terraform
  • Creating your first Terraform configuration


  • Knowledge of AWS (Amazon Web Services)


A quick guide to getting started with Terraform! This course will teach you everything you need to know in order to create your first Terraform configurations! We will cover:

  1. Account creations
  2. Tool installations
  3. Text Editor setup
  4. Labs to create EC2 instances
  5. Terraform workflow
  6. Intro to IaC
  7. Assignments

I hope you enjoy this quick primer for Terraform! If you want something more check out my Hashicorp Certified: Terraform Associate course!

Who this course is for:

  • Systems Administrators
  • Cloud Systems Administrators
  • Solutions Architects
  • Cloud Practitioners curious about IAC and Terraform
  • Anyone who is looking to get their feet wet with Terraform
  • Developers
  • Devops Engineers

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Course content

5 sections • 20 lectures • 57m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction1 lecture • 10min

  • What is IaC10:08

Creating Necessary Accounts2 lectures • 3min

  • Creating an AWS Account01:53
  • Creating a Github Account00:58

Getting Setup5 lectures • 7min

  • Download Course Files!!!00:06
  • Visual Studio Code Setup01:11
  • Installing Terraform with Chocolatey (Windows)03:17
  • Install Terraform on OSX with Brew01:11
  • Install and Configure the AWS CLI01:37

Terraform Configuration Basics11 lectures • 37min

  • Lab 1: Provider Block Setup02:45
  • Lab 2: Create an EC2 Instance09:06
  • Assignment 1: Create an EC2 Instance with a Windows AMI01:48
  • Assignment 1: Solution05:53
  • Lab 3: Create EC2 Instance with Tags05:27
  • Assignment 2: Create an EC2 Instance with Tags01:03
  • Assignment 2: Solution00:07
  • Terraform Init, Plan, and Apply02:57
  • Terraform Providers01:41
  • Lab 4: Resource Addressing06:07
  • Reminder! Destroy your resources!00:01
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Terraform 101 Complete!1 lecture • 1min

  • Terraform 101 Complete!00:20

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