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PLC Programming 100

PLC and Control Systems

Free tutorial


Created by Jonaz Sayson


What you’ll learn

  • PLC Programming for Industrial Application
  • Applicable in the Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Power Generation, Petrochemical
  • ESD, PSD, F&G, instrumentation, Process Controls, SCADA, ICSS, DCS


  • Access to computer and internet



The heart of every control systems is a PLC or Programmable Logic Controller. The PLC is behind most products and industries.

1. The water in your tap, behind it is a water treatment process which involves Control Systems.

2. The electricity in your households came from power plants. The power generation process involves Control Systems.

3. The fuel that is running our cars and industries. The oil exploration, extraction and refinery processes involves Control Systems.

4. The multi-vitamins and medicine that you get from the pharmacies or hospitals. Manufacturing it is a very stringent process which involves Control Systems.


If you are an engineer or an engineering student. Learning how to program a PLC is an important skill set that will take you to a very rewarding career.


In this course, we will be teaching you how to program a PLC in a universal approach, that you can even perform your PLC logic development on paper.

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We will be using Function Block Diagram PLC programming language, because it is used by most of the big industries like Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Power Generation,  Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical.

Who this course is for:

  • Engineers, Technicians or engineering students

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Course content

7 sections • 33 lectures • 1h 0m total lengthCollapse all sections

introduction to PLC Programming13 lectures • 23min

  • Why PLC and Control Systems.01:56
  • PLC Programming VS PLC Configuration04:47
  • PLC Programming with Output Based Thinking Approach01:00
  • Paying It Forward00:34
  • The Training Roadmap01:44
  • The AND logic gate.01:06
  • The OR logic gate.02:01
  • The XOR logic gate.01:40
  • The NOT logic gate01:17
  • The SR Flip-Flop.02:47
  • The RS Flip-Flop.01:57
  • The R-TRIG logic gate.01:22
  • The F-TRIG logic gate.01:13


  • Using Teamviewer to Access the Remote Laboratory02:38
  • Using the 4-mation PLC programming environment.07:35
  • The Pump Control00:49
  • The Pump Control Remote / Local01:57
  • The Pump Control Duty / Standby01:04

Timer Function Blocks.3 lectures • 5min

  • TON Time ON Delay Function Block.01:47
  • TOF Time OFF Delay Function Block.01:55
  • TP Time Pulse Function Block.01:28

Counter Function Blocks.2 lectures • 5min

  • CTU Count UP Counter Function Block.02:24
  • CTD Count Down Function Block.02:25

COMPARE Function Blocks.3 lectures • 4min

  • EQ Equal Function Block.01:23
  • GT Greater Function Block.01:24
  • LT Less Function Block.01:28

MATH Function Blocks.4 lectures • 5min

  • ADD Function Block.01:22
  • SUB Subtract Function Block.01:15
  • MUL Multiply Function Block.01:18
  • DIV Divide Function Block.01:18

Section 7: PUTTING THE CODE INTO ACTION 23 lectures • 4min

  • The Conveyor02:22
  • The Carpark Monitoring00:48
  • The Traffic Light00:49

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