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Internet Marketing Course – An Intro to Website Marketing

  • Learn the basics of marketing your website from a college professor who teaches internet marketing for a living.
  • Free tutorial
  • Rating: 4.2 out of 54.2 (1,359 ratings)
  • 40,447 students
  • 3hr 52min of on-demand video
  • Created by Ron Stefanski


What you’ll learn

  • Understand options available to market your website on the internet
  • Explain general strategies of internet marketing
  • Have a basic understanding of SEO
  • Have a basic understanding of Social Media
  • Have a basic understanding of Conversion Optimization
  • Have a basic understanding of Email marketing
  • Have a basic understanding of Content Marketing
  • Have a basic understanding of Affiliate Marketing
  • Have a basic understanding of PPC
  • Have a basic understanding of Analytics


  • If you already own a website, that’s preferred, but NOT required.
  • A willingness and enthusiasm to learn about internet marketing


(Last Updated 6/25/2015)


As of now, I have 5,000 students and the list continues to grow every single day. To me, this course is no longer just a “course”, it’s a community.

Thank you to everyone who has joined this course and given me the positive reviews. A lot of hard work went into this and I am very happy to see that people appreciate that.

Who should take this course?

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If you have a website or are thinking of making one and don’t know where to start, take this course!

This course is beneficial to anyone starting a website whether it is an affiliate website, a blog, a niche, or even eCommerce. Regardless of what your website is about, this course will help you because it covers the foundations of marketing your website on the internet.

What went into producing this course?

In total, this course is just over 3 hours and 45 minutes of total content. To create it, I spent about 25 hours creating content while my transcriber and video editor spent an additional 30+ hours editing and transcribing the content.

In other words, this took a LOT of work and I did that because I want to give you the best course I can.

What is this course about?

This course is here specifically to help those who are newbies in internet marketing. In other words, if you just created a website and don’t understand the concepts of marketing your website, this course is perfect for you.

What kind of materials are included in this course?

The course itself is compiled of numerous videos that typically have callouts of important information, engaging graphics, and screenshares where appropriate.

Why take this course?

Creating a website is one thing, but making that website popular is another. This course is going to give you a foundation of knowledge to help you succeed in marketing your website.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for newbies to marketing websites on the internet. The students of this course will gain a basic understanding of the majority of internet marketing tactics and gain a better understanding of what options are available. This course probably isn’t for you if you have worked in internet marketing for some time and understand all of the foundational elements.
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Course content

10 sections • 26 lectures • 3h 51m total lengthCollapse all sections

Course Introduction1 lecture • 1min

  • Welcome to Internet Marketing 101!01:13

Social Media4 lectures • 47min

  • What is social media and why is it so powerful?04:28
  • Understanding the audiences of major social media platforms15:52
  • Creating marketing campaigns on Facebook15:20
  • Creating marketing campaigns on Twitter11:05

Conversion Optimization4 lectures • 42min

  • What is conversion optimization?03:37
  • What is A/B testing and multivariate testing?04:12
  • Conversion Optimization Strategies15:16
  • Software for conversion optimization18:58

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)3 lectures • 21min

  • How does SEO work Overview02:06
  • How does SEO work Internal elements11:28
  • How does SEO work external elements07:50

Email Marketing6 lectures • 1hr 5min

  • What is email marketing?08:26
  • What is an email autoresponder?17:51
  • Is email marketing effective?17:04
  • Purpose and Features of Email Marketing Software06:18
  • What Email Marketing Software I recommend and why08:54
  • Seeing the software in action06:38

Content Marketing1 lecture • 7min

  • Why is content marketing so important?07:13

Affiliate Marketing1 lecture • 7min

  • What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?06:35

Pay Per Click (PPC)1 lecture • 6min

  • What is pay per click (ppc) and how does it work?06:15

Analytics4 lectures • 33min

  • What are analytics and why are they important?07:54
  • How to install Google analytics09:41
  • What information can analytics provide?08:52
  • How to install Google Webmaster Tools06:57

Bonus Section1 lecture • 2min

  • An Important Message01:37

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