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Exploiting BYOD to teach effectively using a local WiFi net.

Teachers deploy their own content to student devices (BYOD) to augment their lessons and enhance student participation.

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  • 3,446 students
  • 1hr 15min of on-demand video
  • Created by Anthony Hill
  • English

What you’ll learn

  • create content for display on student BYODevices
  • set up and run a local wifi website to host student BYODevices
  • run classes with participants accessing live and prepared teaching material
  • utilize student or school mobile devices in the classroom to augment teaching and learning


  • basic file management skills
  • how to create a presentation on PowerPoint or similar


BYOD has been underutilized in schools because of issues of connectivity, compatibility and App account requirements. The use of mobile devices is a ripe area for development if we can exploit them appropriately for classroom use. This course sets up a system to connect student and school devices (mobile and laptops) to the teacher’s computer so that lesson material and activities can be shared in the classroom, bypassing infrastructure issues. It uses HTML5 to be cross platform and is browser based to avoid the need for Apps or accounts. Multimedia, quizzes, readings, presentations can easily be deployed to devices for individualized, group or whole class use.

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The course is divided in sections.

The content of each section consists of video and audio explanations together with data sheets.

At the end of this course the participant should feel capable and confident to setup and run an β€œoffdanet” service in their classroom.

It is hoped that running offdanet will allow teachers more freedom in creating, modifying and presenting their own lesson material into technology rich classrooms with engaged learners.

Who this course is for:

  • teachers who want to exploit the technology languishing in their schools
  • teaches who have no wifi operating in their classroom
  • trainers who visit sites with restricted wireless infrastructure yet who wish to deliver or share content

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Course content

8 sections β€’ 17 lectures β€’ 1h 17m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction2 lectures β€’ 17min

  • What is this – Offdanet?02:00
  • Description of Offdanet15:23

Getting started2 lectures β€’ 1min

  • File types that can be worked with.00:19
  • An online example you can test and play with00:21

Doing things live on your system1 lecture β€’ 7min

  • Streaming live content from the teacher’s screen06:37

The folder layout1 lecture β€’ 11min

  • Looking at the folder structure10:52

Creating Content6 lectures β€’ 26min

  • Using a Word document03:55
  • Viewing an Excel spreadsheet on the devices04:05
  • Using your favorite PowerPoints on BYOD05:57
  • Converting PDFs to HTML for use on BYODevices04:10
  • Audio content – podcasts05:36
  • Adding a BACK button to content pages02:31

Software options1 lecture β€’ 1min

  • Links and resources00:51

Hardware1 lecture β€’ 11min

  • Configuring a Router to provide WiFi for Offdanet11:19

FAQ3 lectures β€’ 3min

  • Summary02:12
  • What is my IP address00:39
  • Page not found00:26

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