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YouTube: How To Become a Success With an Audience from Zero

Complete course on how you can grow your channel and build an audience on YouTube with no prior training or experience.

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Created by Adam Kwiatek


What you’ll learn

  • Have a clear comprehension of how money is made on YouTube
  • Know what steps to take to initiate an income from uploading YouTube videos
  • Understand what will affect their revenue
  • Know how to grow their audience


  • Own a computer (PC or Mac)
  • Have internet connection
  • Own a camera (optional)


YouTube is the perfect outlet to use any skill, interest, or passion you have for a paycheck. Whether you want to make YouTube videos for a living or just extra income, this course is going to help you achieve that. I will teach you everything you need to know walk you through starting a YouTube career. 

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge about making money online to take this course. Everything you’ll need to learn I will teach you in the lessons. However, if you are experienced with YouTube, but are not sure how to create videos that will generate you a revenue, this course is for you as well. That being said, the following lessons are perfect for total beginners, but also beneficial to the veterans. 

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The course is made up of a few main sections. Each section consists of a few specific lessons that directly relate to it. 

There are over 90 minutes of tutorial content. I recommend that you devote half an hour a day to the course and starting your YouTube career. That way, you should set everything up and learn all the material in under a week. But if you really wanted to, you could do it all in less than 1 day. 

After you finish the course, you will know exactly:

  • How to start a YouTube channel
  • How to make money through YouTube
  • What will affect your income
  • What to do and what not to do
  • What type of content to upload
  • How to effectively utilize all the features available on YouTube
  • How to grow an audience from zero
  • How to increase your viewership and revenue

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for anyone interested in making YouTube videos for a living or just extra income. No prior knowledge is required. I’ll teach you everything you need to know, from creating a YouTube channel to growing your audience to maximize your income.

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Course content

7 sections • 42 lectures • 1h 39m total lengthCollapse all sections

Why should you do YouTube for a living?5 lectures • 14min

  • Introduction01:39
  • Your interests03:36
  • Convenience02:31
  • Passive income03:46
  • Low Budget02:07

How do you make money on YouTube?5 lectures • 14min

  • Introduction00:35
  • How is money made on YouTube?02:40
  • How much can you make?02:30
  • What affects your income?04:56
  • Earning from YouTube indirectly02:58

Setting everything up5 lectures • 11min

  • Introduction00:25
  • Creating a channel04:19
  • Enabling monetization03:13
  • Multiple channels01:31
  • Custom URL01:17

Content6 lectures • 15min

  • Introduction00:34
  • What type of videos should you make?05:51
  • Fair use01:50
  • Copyright claims01:24
  • Copyright strikes00:56
  • Networks04:25
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Practical Training7 lectures • 11min

  • Introduction00:22
  • Uploading a video01:48
  • Playlists02:38
  • Subscribers01:14
  • Viral videos01:33
  • Adsense page02:49
  • Support00:55

Increasing your viewership13 lectures • 35min

  • Introduction00:26
  • Growing your channel from zero03:32
  • Titles02:38
  • Tags02:45
  • Thumbnails03:52
  • Annotations05:22
  • Ratings01:44
  • Comments03:20
  • The perfect description02:55
  • Trailer01:21
  • Know your audience03:14
  • Consistency02:39
  • Collaboration00:52

Congratulations1 lecture • 1min

  • Thank you00:48

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