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Working with Microsoft SQL Server using ChatGPT

AI and SQL: Transforming Data Querying with ChatGPT

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  • 517 students
  • 51min of on-demand video
  • Created by Nooruddin Surani
  • English

What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn how to design, construct, and optimize SQL queries on Microsoft SQL Server using ChatGPT
  • This course imparts how to utilize ChatGPT for intelligent querying and data management on MS SQL Server
  • Students will gain a grasp of SQL Server fundamentals, ChatGPT’s capabilities, and how they intersect
  • This course will teach students to leverage AI in database management, using ChatGPT with SQL Server
  • Learn how to effectively and efficiently query Microsoft SQL Server databases using AI-powered ChatGPT


  • No prior experience is required; this beginner-level course is designed for those new to SQL and AI
  • An interest in data management and artificial intelligence is encouraged, but no prior knowledge is needed
  • A basic understanding of computer systems and an enthusiasm to learn new technologies is recommended
  • This course requires a computer with an internet connection and a willingness to learn new concepts
  • No prerequisites are required, although familiarity with basic computing concepts will be beneficial


This course, “Querying Microsoft SQL Server using ChatGPT,” offers a unique blend of foundational SQL Server learning coupled with the innovative applications of OpenAI’s language model, ChatGPT. As a beginner-level course, it is meticulously designed to provide an accessible introduction to the Microsoft SQL Server and its applications in data management.

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Our primary focus is to empower you with a solid understanding of core SQL Server concepts including creating databases, formulating tables, and applying constraints. Beyond these fundamentals, you will also gain proficiency in data manipulation techniques such as insert, update, delete, and select statements. This foundational knowledge is then expanded with a deep dive into more advanced SQL techniques, such as working with joins and subqueries.

What sets this course apart, however, is the integration of ChatGPT into your SQL Server learning experience. As an AI developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT opens new possibilities in the realm of SQL Server operations, making them more efficient and intuitive. By the end of this course, you’ll not only have grasped the basics of SQL Server, but also learned how to harness the capabilities of ChatGPT to revolutionize your data querying and management practices.

Whether you’re an aspiring data analyst, a curious student, an IT professional seeking to upskill, or simply an enthusiast wanting to explore the intersection of AI and SQL, this course is your gateway to a future-proof skillset. Embark on this exciting journey to gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving field of data management.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone interested in learning about AI-driven database management using SQL Server
  • Individuals with a curiosity about artificial intelligence and its applications in SQL querying
  • IT professionals and students wanting to add AI to their data querying and management skillset
  • Beginners who are keen to explore the intersections of AI, databases, and the Microsoft SQL Server platform
  • Business professionals looking to understand how AI can improve data analysis and decision-making processes
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Course content

3 sections • 11 lectures • 51m total lengthCollapse all sections

Installing Microsoft SQL Server & using ChatGPT for Creating Database & Tables2 lectures • 17min

  • Installation and setup of SQL Server07:08
  • Intro to ChatGPT & Creating First Database09:37

SQL Server DDL, DML and Querying the tables using ChatGP8 lectures • 33min

  • Caution before using DDL, DML and other statements which change database01:26
  • Learning INSERT command using ChatGPT09:07
  • Altering Table using ChatGPT01:55
  • Updating values of a Column using ChatGPT02:35
  • Delete Rows from a Table using ChatGPT02:01
  • Using the SELECT statement with the help of ChatGPT10:16
  • Drop Column from a Table with ChatGPT03:45
  • Drop Table from a Database with the help of ChatGPT01:59

Conclusion1 lecture • 2min

  • What we have learnt?01:39

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