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The Practical Guide to Mac Security

How to avoid malware, keep your online accounts safe, and protect yourself from other disasters.

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Created by MacMost & Gary Rosenzweig


What you’ll learn

  • Know how to create strong passwords for online sites and their Mac.
  • Find out how to use two-factor authentication for stronger online security.
  • Learn how to protect their Macs against malware.
  • Understand why it is important to backup your Mac.
  • Be wary of online scams, cons and other dangers.
  • Learn about other Mac security issues, techniques and skills.


  • You should have a basic familiarity with using Macintosh computers, such as the menu bar, System Preferences, web browsing, and so on.


The Practical Guide to Mac Security is a complete course with 24 lessons that will enable the typical home and office Mac user to secure their Mac from dangers like malware, online account break-ins, data loss, and online scams.

The course looks at four main types of dangers. The first is preventing your online accounts from being compromised. This usually happens when weak password or simple security questions are used. The course teaches you how to create strong passwords, use password managers, use two-factor authentication and avoid pitfalls like easy-guessed security question answers.

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The second danger is malware. You will learn what you should worry about when it comes to Mac malware and what not to worry about. But learning three simple rules you can protect your Mac from malware without needing any special β€œanti-virus” software.

Third is the danger of losing your data due to physical damage or theft. By backing up your Mac with Time Machine, using an online backup, or using cloud storage, you can avoid losing all of your data in the blink of an eye.

The last section is about social engineering dangers like fake emails, misleading websites, online scams, and other ways that malicious individuals will try to get access to your Mac or your online accounts. Simply by learning about these you will be more prepared to deal with the dangers that are prevalent throughout the online world.

This course is meant for casual Mac users who use their Macs at home or in the office. The lessons will allow you to secure your own Mac without needing to understand complicated computer techniques. it is an everyday guide for everyday Mac users.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who uses a Mac at home or at work. This is not a security course for experts or those wanting to secure Macs professionally. This is for casual and typical Mac users who want to learn more about Mac and online security.

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Course content

6 sections β€’ 26 lectures β€’ 2h 25m total lengthCollapse all sections

Start Here1 lecture β€’ 4min

  • Introduction03:39

Online Password Security5 lectures β€’ 36min

  • Improving Your Passwords10:55
  • Using Two-Factor Authentication07:31
  • Password Management05:23
  • Security Questions04:43
  • What To Do If Your Accounts Have Been Compromised07:36
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Protecting Yourself From Malware5 lectures β€’ 29min

  • Do You Need Anti-Virus Software?06:34
  • Three Simple Rules08:21
  • Using Gatekeeper04:16
  • Mac User Accounts04:29
  • Secure Connections with VPN05:39

Protecting Yourself From Scams and Tricks3 lectures β€’ 22min

  • Phishing Scams06:46
  • Web Scams and Phone Calls04:25
  • Social Engineering Scams10:30

Protecting Yourself From Physical Disasters and Data Loss6 lectures β€’ 33min

  • Time Machine Backups07:53
  • Storing Files in the Cloud03:49
  • FileVault04:39
  • Online Backups04:05
  • Using a UPS07:53
  • Find My Mac04:51

Miscellaneous Topics6 lectures β€’ 22min

  • Suspicious Sharing03:41
  • Wi-Fi Passwords04:55
  • Private Browsing05:37
  • Selling Your Mac06:17
  • Online Resources01:05
  • The Practical Guide to Mac Security (E-Book)00:14

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