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The Path to Entrepreneurship: Be a Real Entrepreneur

  • Learn entrepreneurship. Learn the value structure at business. Learn the mentality of being a millionaire.
  • Free tutorial
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  • Created by We ArEntrepreneur
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What you’ll learn

  • How real is the American dream? How aware are you of the world you live in? Are you living the life you want? Or did you believe it was all your choice?
  • How do you chart your own path? How can you get rid of it despite all the dogmatic ideas around you? When will you realize you’re in a rat race?
  • What agendas are you following right now? How much does this steal from your life? Don’t you feel that perception is directed? You are being put to sleep.
  • Which stocks will bring wealth? How much does 401k warrant you? How much more do you have to work for the luxury vehicle you drive? Your dreams are dead.
  • You were told to grow up. Be realistic. Stop chasing the impossible and stop dreaming.
  • What you’re drawn into decides how we live our lives, and pretending to be your choice while doing so is its biggest deception.
  • If you are aware of the system you are in, you will see what is imposed on you and you will have the opportunity to escape from it.
  • How can you catch the change? How can you make this permanent and move forward with more solid steps to success?
  • How do your actions affect your success in the entrepreneurship ecosystem? Do you really want this? So what was the last action you took for this?
  • What role does money play in your life? How far can you go to earn money? How much do you want financial freedom?
  • What is the relationship between passion and money? Does passion really bring money? So have you found your passion?
  • How much can you withstand the challenge? Do you give up quickly or are you one of those struggling? How much are you willing to pay for your freedom?
  • What is your purpose in life? When was the last time you thought about this? You did this because you do not realize that your purpose is dogmatic ideas.
  • What do you know about generating value? How does freedom relate to creating value? How is money an output of creating value?
  • How willing are you to create value when it comes to starting your own business? What does an entrepreneur have to do with creating value?
  • What principles should you have when it comes to starting a business? What principles should not be violated?
  • How much can you tolerate failures? Do you prefer to give up immediately after a failure?
  • How did you build your customer cycle? How does this loop reflect a real value? What role do they play in this cycle?
  • What are the secrets behind the success of other big brands? What are they doing differently?
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