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Stacked Careers for Accounting and Finance

  • Double Your Job Interviews, Leverage Recruiters, Unlock LinkedIn
  • Free tutorial
  • Rating: 3.7 out of 53.7 (75 ratings)
  • 4,776 students
  • 6hr 46min of on-demand video
  • Created by Karen Gurney


What you’ll learn

  • How to leverage a provided database of local and national recruiters
  • How to get jobs without applying
  • How to run a discrete search (so current employer remains unaware of your search)
  • How to double your interviews with an active and passive search
  • How to write a resume that gives recruiters what they need to hire you
  • There is little or no age-ism in ACT and FIN until you hit about 60 to 70. It is a very age-tolerant career. That is not why ACT and FIN professionals stall. This class helps to fix that issue.
  • Using the job market to forecast your career.
  • Interview preparation, salary negotiations, and so much more…


  • Degree or work experience in Accounting
  • Degree or work experience in Finance
  • And/or have a CPA or other ACT or FIN certification/designation


Why This Class is for You

I have been working in the recruiting industry as an Executive Search Consultant and Career Coach since 2004, but something happened in 2014 that completely changed how I coached my accounting and finance clients literally overnight.

I had a client Lisa who was a CPA Controller for a $4M per annum for-profit organization that licensed music for Karaoke machines. It was an unusual one-of-a-kind business in Columbus Ohio. (Hardly the mecca for music and entertainment.) Prior to that she had great roles in Treasury and FP&A with a particular joy for forecasting.

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Despite 15 years of incredible skills across five industries and multiple Accounting Roles, she could barely get a call for an interview after a few months of job hunting.

When I talked to Lisa on the phone I was so surprised.  Typically an accounting and finance professional has no problem getting a job. She shared with me that she never had  a problem before and she feared ageism. Lisa was 43 years old. That is not when age discrimination hits so I knew that was not the issue.

I asked for her resume and review her LinkedIn profile and saw the problem immediately. Her resume and job campaign issues had to do with rank, industry, scope, and professionalism – not ageism. This was easily fixed.

My client was absolutely desperate for a job and I knew I had to act quickly. I got her logins for LinkedIn as well as other online job boards and within two hours, I re-aligned everything, got a new professional profile picture, submitted her resume to local recruiters, changed all of her online profiles to match her job search goals. 

Within 72 hours she had five phone screen requests and within 60 days she had a new job as a Forecasting Analyst for a large automotive company. But that is not the best part…

She had not applied for a single job! Not one!

All the calls she got were from her online profiles. These profiles continue to regular hits even today allowing her to determine market and salary demand for her skills and plan her career.

This method is now the core of my career coaching practice.

So what is the secret? It is just one phrase: Keyword-stacking.

Once you learn how to keyword-stack your profiles in the way that recruiters search, you will get calls too.

What You Will Be Able to Do After Reading This Book

  • Leverage a database of local and national recruiters
  • Have recruiters come straight to you for great jobs
  • Run a discrete search if required
  • Get calls for jobs without applying
  • Double your interviews with active and passive search techniques
  • Tap unadvertised jobs in the hidden job market
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With the class you get:

  • Video instruction
  • A resume template that beats the resume black hole
  • My copyrighted β€œCore-3©” career assessment
  • Fill-in-the-blank interview preparation scripts
  • Salary negotiation scripts
  • And so much more! 

EXTRA BONUS: The class includes a database of 300+ recruiters specializing in accounting and finance. The database allows the possibility for discrete job searches or you can use it in addition to active and passive job search techniques that double your job interviews.

One of the reasons I did a break out book based on my best-selling Stacked program is due to the unique and unprecedented opportunity accounting and finance professionals have to leverage the recruiting machine that exists in this category.

There are hungry recruiters waiting to work with you today!

These methods have facilitated thousands of career changes, and now you can use them too!

I look forward to helping you achieve your career goals.


Dr. Karen Gurney

Who this course is for:

  • Accounting professional- All Levels- from Bookkeeper all the way up to Controller or CFO
  • Finance Professional – All Levels – from Analyst I all the way up to CFO/CIO

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Course content

13 sections β€’ 76 lectures β€’ 6h 47m total lengthCollapse all sections

Hungry Recruiters That Want to Hire YOU6 lectures β€’ 32min

  • Course Introduction00:15
  • Instructor Greeting00:44
  • What The Heck is Wrong with Hiring & What Do These Recruiters Want?15:27
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Instructions ( How Recruiters Work So We Can be Found)00:40
  • 3 Step Recruiter Process02:46
  • Types of Recruiters and Strategies to Deal with Them12:06
  • Recruiters Quiz10 questions

Your Core-3Β© Career Assessment5 lectures β€’ 20min

  • Core-3 Intro: You Have Value!00:31
  • The Core-3 Personality Assessment03:49
  • The Core-3 Exercise05:24
  • Finding Your Dream Job Using Your Core 308:53
  • Spotting a Third Party Recruiter in Your Search01:38
  • Core-3 Personality Assessment Quiz10 questions

Market-Based ResumeΒ© Template6 lectures β€’ 46min

  • Market-Based ResumeΒ© Intro00:48
  • The 4-Easy Steps to a Keyword-Stacked Resume that Gets Calls08:42
  • Market-Based ResumeΒ© Tutorial25:28
  • Emergency Resume Writing Advisory!!00:41
  • Cover Letters01:45
  • Check Your Resume Ranking and Get More Content from the Competition08:20
  • Keyword-Stacked Resume & Cover Letter Quiz10 questions

Unique ACT and FIN Resume Issues1 lecture β€’ 5min

  • Common Resume Issues with My Accounting and Finance Professionals05:18

Linkedin and Online Profiles That Tap the Hidden Job Market7 lectures β€’ 45min

  • Linkedin and Online Profiles That Tap the Hidden Job Market03:01
  • Linkedin Profile Creation Tutorial13:13
  • 5 Quick and Easy Linkedin Tips14:15
  • Online Job Boards Intro00:35
  • Optimization06:17
  • Optimization05:34
  • Robert Half02:24
  • Linkedin and Online Quiz10 questions
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Job Search Campaign Kickoff1 lecture β€’ 2min

  • Kickstart Your Job Search02:07
  • Campaign Kickoff Quiz10 questions

ACT and FIN Recruiter Database1 lecture β€’ 5min

  • Here is your Database with Thousands of Recruiters!05:24

Cutting Edge Interviews that Get Jobs!8 lectures β€’ 43min

  • Interview Prep Introduction00:55
  • Phone Screen Strategy 114:01
  • Phone Screen Strategy 204:08
  • Video Interviewing Types (Skype of HireVue Types)05:38
  • 8 Video Interviewing Tips06:55
  • Behavioral Interviewing & ‘Questions for Them’06:45
  • Interview Portfolio03:03
  • Thank You Letter – Email01:55
  • Interview Quiz10 questions

Desired Salary Quoting and Salary Negotiations5 lectures β€’ 39min

  • Salary Negotiation Introduction00:42
  • Salary Negotiations06:07
  • Desired Salary Quoting15:27
  • New Hire Salary Negotiations09:03
  • Existing Employee Salary Negotiations07:12
  • Salary Negotiation Quiz10 questions

Networking to Get a Job4 lectures β€’ 15min

  • Face-to-Face Networking Intro02:45
  • Building a List of Champions04:38
  • Volunteering to Get a Job04:11
  • Gig Economy: Contracts, Freelance, Temp Jobs03:22
  • Networking to Get a Job Quiz10 questions

Networking 2.0 with Advanced Linkedin7 lectures β€’ 38min

  • My Most Powerful Linkedin Strategy is FREE06:41
  • Linkedin Premium – To Buy or Not To Buy?03:18
  • Initial Connections to Open the Door05:27
  • First Pass ‘Quick Connect’04:49
  • Second Pass – Starting to Target and Narrow Down06:59
  • 2nd Connection Super Targeted06:26
  • Third Pass: Send a Personalized Inmail03:53
  • Networking 2.0 with Advanced Linkedin Quiz10 questions

More Resume Examples & Strategies!19 lectures β€’ 1hr 30min

  • 9 Unique Career Changes & More Resume Templates01:03
  • Lateral Job Moves04:01
  • I was a shoe-in for the job! Why didn’t I get it.06:45
  • Overqualified & Step Downs05:14
  • I Keep Hearing I am Overqualified! What do I do?06:05
  • Move for Promotion05:25
  • I Want A Better Salary, Title, Growth, and or Recognition05:36
  • Return to Old Profession02:47
  • I Like What I Did Before and I Want to Go Back05:24
  • New Graduate or Entry Level04:51
  • Every Job Ad Says It Wants 2 Years of Experience! What Do I Do?03:45
  • I am 40 With 20 Years of Experience- Get Me Out of My Job and Profession!04:14
  • Move to New Industry (Same Profession)02:28
  • I Love What I Do But My Industry Sucks05:52
  • New Profession03:36
  • I Cannot Do This Work A Single Day More! I Want My Dream Career!05:19
  • Gaps in Employment05:40
  • I Have Been Out of Work for So Long! How Do I Get Back to Work!04:01
  • Geographic Relocation – I Want to Move for Work07:39
  • Career Change Types Quiz9 questions

Career Change Timing & Troubleshooting6 lectures β€’ 27min

  • How Long Does It Take to Get Calls and to Get a Job09:32
  • Why Am I Not Getting Calls for Jobs?03:12
  • Why am I Getting Calls for Jobs But No Face-to-Face Interviews04:40
  • Why am I Get Interviews But No Job Offers01:49
  • I Want My Dream Career and Dream Employer- What do I do?03:20
  • Timing Recap & Wrap Up04:32
  • Career Change Timing Quiz10 questions

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