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SharePoint O365/Online Site User Crash Course

Learn to use your SharePoint Online/O365 corporate site in under 2 hrs. Learn Document Libraries and all the Lists.

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Created by Robin Solonenko


What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn how to work with Document Libraries and Upload, Create their documents.
  • Students will learn about document versioning and how to handle their versions.
  • Students will learn how to creating various document views within their libraries and us filtering to locate various files.
  • Students will learn about lists and how to create items for Announcements, Calendar events, links and Issue tracking.
  • Students will learn to connect their SharePoint apps to Microsoft Outlook, Teams and Word.


  • Students must have access to an active SharePoint site – it can be their corporate one or a sandbox, but a full functional site, with Document Libraries and all the Lists available must be created for them. They must also have Edit permission level to do all the tasks laid out in this cousre.


So many organizations will push out a new SharePoint site and not give their employees the basic training they need to navigate it. Well this SharePoint Site User crash course will help you with that.  In under 2 hours I will teach you how to manage your documents in the library and create items and a variety of lists that you will find in your SharePoint site.

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In this 2-hour crash course you will learn:

  • What document libraries are.
  • Uploading and creating documents within those libraries.
  • Creating your document views
  • Learn and use document versioning.
  • Filter your document libraries
  • Share those import and documents.
  • Search for those documents from any place within SharePoint including Delve.
  • Learn what SharePoint Lists are.
  • Creating your first corporate announcements.
  • Learn to create calendar events.
  • Create links to both external and internal URLs.
  • Create a custom list.
  • Learn how to create support tickets with issue tracking.
  • Connect your SharePooint Calendar to Outlook.
  • Integrate Teams to connect to Calendars, Sites, Libraries and Documents from your SharePoint Site.

This course is fast past but covers a lot of ground to get you the skills you need to feel comfortable navigating your SharePoint site. From Document Libraries to Issue Tracking and everything in between, you will learn how to create, upload and maintain your documents and items and gain the confidence you need to use SharePoint effectively and efficiently.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is expected to use their corporate or personal SharePoint site and maintain and manage their documents.

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Course content

4 sections • 23 lectures • 1h 44m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction7 lectures • 9min

  • Course & Instructor Introduction01:13
  • Support Notes for Students01:49
  • Download Course Resources & PDF Manual00:25
  • Contacting the Instructor00:52
  • Let’s Set Some Expectations02:32
  • PDF Manual & Video Correlation00:10
  • Site Setup Before Starting Section 201:58

Document Libraries & Content7 lectures • 46min

  • SharePoint Layout Overview04:20
  • What are Document Libraries?04:20
  • Uploading & Creating Documents08:52
  • Creating Document Views10:00
  • Document Versioning08:52
  • Document Filtering04:14
  • Searching for Documents05:23
  • Document Libraries Quiz5 questions
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List Apps & Their Content6 lectures • 36min

  • What are Lists?05:00
  • Creating Calendar Events07:33
  • Creating Announcments07:18
  • Creating Links07:26
  • Custom Lists03:14
  • Issue Tracking05:53
  • Lists Quiz4 questions

Interacting with O365 Apps3 lectures • 13min

  • Connecting SharePoint Calendar to Outlook03:50
  • Connecting Teams to SharePoint08:06
  • O365 Quiz4 questions
  • Instructor Thank You & Next Steps01:02

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