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Safety Controller SC10-2ROE

  • Learn how to program safety controller and interface it with PLC and Node-RED
  • Free tutorial
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 54.5 (29 ratings)
  • 1,491 students
  • 1hr 50min of on-demand video
  • Created by Rajvir Singh
  • English

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn how to install a safety controller in your application
  • How to interface safety devices to safety controller via ISD
  • How to program the safety controller
  • How to interface safety controller with PLC
  • How to read safety controller signal on Node-RED


  • Basic fundamentals of digital electronics
  • Basic PLC Programming
  • Basic understanding of safety circuits


Gone are the days when we were using traditional safety circuit which are easily hackable or bypassed by unauthorized person which further cause damage to your security system. In Today’s world with the advancement of technologies, the safety devices are getting smarter by adding extra layer of security (RFID). Have you heard of a door switch which has RFID? This allows hard to hack the safety circuit and hence provide better security. In this course, you will learn about smart safety devices and their interfacing with Safety controller SC10-2ROE. This safety controller can be programmed with a free safety controller software which is highly easily to program using icon-based software. 

    You will learn how to use and install SC10 controller along with safety devices like RF Door switch, Magnetic door switch and EM-Stop in your industrial application. Furthermore you will see how to integrate 3rd party controller like S7-1200 PLC with SC10 controller over PROFINET and how to visualize the safety devices on the dashboard using Node-RED via MODBUC TCP/IP

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Key topics

  • Understanding SC10 controller
  • Various safety devices like RF Door switch, magnetic door switch, EM-Stop, S22 Pro Manual button
  • In-series diagnostic feature
  • How SC10 controller can communicate with S7-1200 PLC via PROFINET.
  • Sharing of safety and non-safety signal
  • Bypassing the sensors
  • Adding more virtual non-safety signals over PROFINET
  • Visualizing the safety signals on the dashboard using Node-RED

Who this course is for:

  • PLC Programmers
  • Factory Automation or Shop floor Engineer
  • Industrial technician
  • Software developers

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Course content

4 sections • 16 lectures • 1h 52m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction4 lectures • 26min

  • Introduction to SC10 Safety Controller12:35
  • Don’t forget to check our exclusive Wiki00:04
  • Interfacing SC10 controller with PC13:16
  • Join us on Telegram!00:10

Understanding various safety devices5 lectures • 36min

  • Task 1: Magnetic Door switch safety circuit08:56
  • RF Door switch safety circuit05:35
  • EM-stop switch safety circuit05:07
  • Safety circuit using LR Block and Reset using Manual reset button09:32
  • Indicating fault on Manual reset button06:27

Interfacing SC10 controller with S7-1200 and Node-RED6 lectures • 49min

  • Interfacing SC10 controller with Siemens S7-1200 PLC via PROFINET10:04
  • Learn more about Siemens PLCs00:24
  • Reading Virtual Non-safety inputs via PRODINET10:56
  • Bypassing the Magnetic switch08:49
  • Monitoring Safety signals on Node-RED Dashboard18:18
  • Learn more about IIoT00:43

Course Wrap-up1 lecture • 1min

  • Congratulations01:08

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