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Protect Your Online Identity with Great Passwords

Learn how hackers steal your passwords and how to protect yourself from identity theft

  • Free tutorial
  • Rating: 4.9 out of 54.9 (763 ratings)
  • 27,376 students
  • 43min of on-demand video
  • Created by Ryan Foster
  • English

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how identity theft happens
  • How to know if someone has stolen your identity
  • How safe your current passwords are (or aren’t)
  • Why most password advice is completely wrong
  • How to create strong passwords
  • What passphrases are and why you might want to use them
  • How to secure passwords with a password manager
  • How popular password managers are not as safe as you think


  • You need to care about protecting your identity
  • You should be willing to be challenged by new ideas


Have you ever wondered how hackers break into accounts? Curious why they are interested in your accounts? Do you believe that uppercase letters and strange symbols make your password strong? Are you convinced that your passwords are invincible? Or are you worried that you might be at risk? 

Stop wondering! Take the class. You will learn the answers to all of these questions and much more, presented in a brief and interesting way. This is the cyber security training course that everyone needs, so sign up and start learning before you become a victim of identity theft!

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  • This class covers password theft and account takeover. It does not cover credit card theft.
  • This class is not for hackers. You will not learn how to break into accounts.

Who this course is for:

  • Almost everyone who uses the internet
  • This class is not for hackers (you will not learn how to break into into accounts)

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Course content

7 sections • 21 lectures • 54m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction5 lectures • 4min

  • Why Do You Need This Course?00:53
  • Is This Class for You?00:41
  • Identity Theft: The Fastest Growing Crime01:02
  • How to Know If Someone Has Stolen Your Identity00:34
  • What You Will Learn in This Course00:31

Surviving Online Password Attacks2 lectures • 2min

  • Surviving an Online Attack01:26
  • Would Your Passwords Survive an Online Attack?00:52

Surviving Offline Password Attacks6 lectures • 21min

  • How Do Hackers Get Your Passwords?04:47
  • How Do Websites Protect Your Password?02:44
  • Myths about Password Strength02:57
  • How Strong Is Your Password? Can It Be Cracked?05:57
  • More on Password Strength (for the Curious)02:18
  • The Secret of Strong Passwords01:46

Passphrases2 lectures • 5min

  • What is a Passphrase?03:27
  • Get a Passphrase01:30

Password Managers4 lectures • 18min

  • What is a Password Manager?00:28
  • How Secure are Password Managers?03:19
  • How to Use KeePass to Manage Your Passwords13:29
  • Password Manager Tips and Tricks01:08

Bonus Section1 lecture • 1min

  • Bonus Lecture: Free and Useful Stuff00:42

Archived Lectures1 lecture • 3min

  • Should You Write Down Passwords?03:29

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