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Power BI – The Ultimate Orientation

Business Intelligence and data is here to stay. Get your Orientation to Self Service BI with Power BI

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Created by Paula Guilfoyle CPA


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What you’ll learn

  • Download and Install Power BI Desktop
  • Navigate Power BI Desktop and Online Services user interface with ease
  • Connect both Power BI Desktop and Services to simple data sets
  • Create visualizations, Work with Dashboards, View & Share Reports
  • Embed Power BI reports
  • Use Power BI content packs to connect to services such as Google analytics and Mailchimp


  • No prior knowledge of Power BI is required as this course is aimed at beginners
  • You must have an interest in learning more about what business intelligence can do for your and your business


Business Intelligence and data are here to stay.  Now with Power BI by Microsoft, costs and skills are no longer a barrier to entry.

Power BI is a self service business intelligence system, and best of all, it is free for all to use. 


The aim of this course Power BI – The Ultimate Orientation is to give you a solid orientation of Power BI. First you will learn how to download and install power bi desktop.  We will have a look around the user interface and then we will start to work with some data.

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Using an example data set, we will connect to both excel and cvs files and you will get an introduction of the Query editor as we do some transformation on the data.  Then we will move on to a few calculations and you will be introduced to the concept of relationships and dax. Finally in powerbi desktop we will look at the visualisations side.

After we look at visualisations in Power Bi Desktop we will move on to power Bi services.  Its in services that you will get insights, have the ability to share reports, build dashboards and connect to data packs that contains prebuilt dashboards and reports.

 We will not be looking at any of this in detail as, this course is an orientation course, designed to get you familiar and comfortable with the Power BI user interface.  The aim of the course is to get you up and running.  To show you that Power BI offers a real solution, and give you ideas of how it can be used.

Who this course is for:

  • if you are looking to use data for better business insights and don’t know where to get started then this is the course for you
  • If you have been using Excels power Tools and are considering using Power BI, then this is the course for you
  • If you are changing jobs and you need to be familiar with Power BI then this course is for you
  • This course is designed as an Orientation and is aimed and beginners
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Course content

2 sections β€’ 20 lectures β€’ 1h 13m total lengthCollapse all sections

Power BI – Desktop Orientation8 lectures β€’ 26min

  • Introduction to Power BI – the Ultimate Orientation03:30
  • Before you forget00:12
  • Section 1 Overview01:31
  • Download and Install Power BI Desktop03:53
  • Connecting Power BI to your first data set05:16
  • Working with your first Data set in Power BI05:19
  • Measures and more Visualizations05:49
  • Power BI Desktop Activity00:15

Power BI – Online Services Orientation12 lectures β€’ 48min

  • Section 2 overview01:51
  • Signing up to Power BI Services03:42
  • Publish a report from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Services04:49
  • Connect to files on your devices to Power BI Services05:54
  • Working with Dashboards in Power BI04:35
  • Embed a Power BI report02:10
  • Personal Gateways03:59
  • Content Packs in Power BI Services15:41
  • Power BI Online Activity00:17
  • Course Conclusion01:51
  • Bonus01:37
  • Bonus Material01:42

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