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OrientDB – Getting Started with Graph and Document Databases

A full introductory course to OrientDB, the Document-Graph database. Learn about NoSQL’s latest trend: GraphDBs!

What you’ll learn

  • Install OrientDB and create a new database
  • Learn the differences between Relational and Graph models
  • Build a flexible Graph and Document data model
  • Implement most major SQL functions, including basic CRUD operations
  • Deploy and manage a production application
  • How to get your OrientDB certification


  • SQL might be helpful
  • A general understanding of database concepts


  Graph databases are among the fastest growing trends in technology. Helping you effectively manage modern, highly connected data is the key benefit of a OrientDB. This course will provide you a comprehensive overview of the multiple models supported by OrientDB, with bigger focus on Graph and Document principles as well as walk you through hands on examples of working with the database and its API. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in an overview of OrientDB
  • People interested in Graph Databases and NoSQL trends
  • Developers accustomed to Relational Databases
  • IT people who are looking for a DBMS that supports multiple models

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Course content

5 sections • 19 lectures • 1h 58m total lengthCollapse all sections

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First Steps5 lectures • 32min

  • Background and Concepts06:32
  • Background and Concepts7 questions
  • Up and Running06:31
  • Up and Running6 questions
  • Data Modelling Concepts05:44
  • Data Modelling Concepts8 questions
  • OrientDB Studio07:39
  • OrientDB Studio8 questions
  • OrientDB Console05:23
  • OrientDB Console4 questions

Working with the Database (SQL API)5 lectures • 31min

  • SQL API Overview01:38
  • SQL API Overview3 questions
  • Data Modelling (SQL)07:05
  • Data Modelling (SQL)4 questions
  • Basic CRUD (SQL)09:43
  • Basic CRUD (SQL)3 questions
  • Graph Functionality and Traversals (SQL)07:59
  • Graph Functionality and Traversals (SQL)3 questions
  • Transactions04:23
  • Transactions3 questions

Additional Features6 lectures • 44min

  • Server Side Functions04:57
  • Server Side Functions3 questions
  • User Permissions and Authentication03:37
  • User Permissions and Authentication3 questions
  • REST / HTTP API08:49
  • REST / HTTP API3 questions
  • ETL Module09:17
  • ETL Module4 questions
  • Building the VehicleHistoryGraph Database09:02
  • Building the VehicleHistoryGraph Database4 questions
  • Working with the Demo Database08:10
  • Working with the Demo Database3 questions

OrientDB Professional Services1 lecture • 9min

  • OrientDB Enterprise with Workbench08:47
  • OrientDB Enterprise Edition2 questions

Next Steps and Resources2 lectures • 3min

  • Next Steps! Being Successful with OrientDB02:37
  • Adding OrientDB as a Skill on LinkedIn00:46

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