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NEAR Blockchain Smart Contract Development

with introduction to Rust language

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  • 2,096 students
  • 52min of on-demand video
  • Created by Eugene Luzgin
  • English

What you’ll learn

  • Rust language overview
  • Overview of NEAR smart contract for fungible token
  • Compile, deploy and interact with smart contract on Near blockchain


  • Basic programming experience


Become familiar with Rust language, its main features and syntax.

Topics covered include in Section 1:

  • Rust installation and basics
  • Cargo – build system and package manager
  • Crates and packages
  • Variables, Constants and Mutability
  • Data Types: Scalar and Compound
  • Functions
  • Control Flows: If, Loops, If let
  • Ownership (Scope)
  • References and Borrowing
  • Mutable references
  • Define and initialize Structs
  • Defining and calling methods
  • Defining an Enum
  • The β€œmatch” control flow
  • Defining modules
  • Vector and HashMap
  • Recoverable and unrecoverable errors
  • Traits – defining shared behavior (interface)
  • Reading command line arguments
  • Reading a file
  • Printing to standard error – eprintln!
  • Iterator Trait and next method
  • Using Box<T> to store data on the Heap
  • Running code in Threads simultaneously
  • Message passing between Threads
  • Using Mutexes to allow access data on one thread
  • Writing tests
  • Summary with references:

Gentle Introduction to Rust and “The Book” on Rust programming language.

Refer to β€œThe Book” for deeper coverage of each topic and more advanced features.

Section 2 is dedicated to using knowledge obtained in Section 1 to read and understand NEAR smart contract implemented in Rust.

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Learn how to create Testnet accounts on Near blockchain using a web wallet.

Learn how to compile and deploy Near smart contract on NEAR Testnet account using Gitpod environment.

Learn how to interact with deployed Near smart contract by using command line commands.

Get hands on experience compiling and deploying a sample counter smart contract on your own account – all in under 20 mins.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner developers curious about smart contract development

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Course content

1 section β€’ 5 lectures β€’ 51m total length

Overview of Rust language and NEAR smart contracts5 lectures β€’ 52min

  • Introduction to Rust language pt. 112:31
  • Introduction to Rust language pt. 211:13
  • Overview of NEAR smart contract for fungible token04:42
  • Deployment of sample NEAR smart contract on Testnet account09:31
  • Follow instructions from Lecture 2 to compile and deploy smart contract1 question
  • Review of NEAR Blockchain and Ethereum Bridge features13:54

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