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Mastering Lean Canvas

  • Turn your technological ideas into a practical business model.
  • Free tutorial
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  • 1,695 students
  • 1hr 15min of on-demand video
  • Created by Amos Redlich
  • English

What you’ll learn

  • To transform your invention or idea into a business model.
  • To Identify the uncertain working assumptions of your business model.
  • To validate your working assumptions against the real world.
  • To tell a compelling story of your business idea to stakeholders.


  • Yes
  • Open-minded and passionate about being an entrepreneur


If you are an inventor or problem-solvers who is eager to transform your product or idea into a startup, you have arrived at the right course.

Here you will learn to transform your invention or idea into a practical business model.

In the course, you will design your idea’s business model, validate its working assumptions against the real world, and make your first steps in materializing your business model.

But most importantly, you will possess a compelling story and the confidence to share it with stakeholders.

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The course is focused on the lean canvas, which is the primary tool in the Lean Startup methodology. In the course, I drill down to each of the nine sections of the lean canvas and use examples of companies that successfully performed each section. Every chapter has an exercise to help you understand the subject and an assignment that will encourage you to advance your business model. Together we will walk step by step in the entire process.

The Lean Canvas is a problem-oriented tool. It helps you see your business model from the customer’s point of view and fitting your product to your customer’s problems.

The course is suitable for everyone. There are no pre-requirements to enroll, except open-minded and enthusiastic about being an entrepreneur.

I invite you to look at the course descriptions to see if it meets your expectations.

Who this course is for:

  • Inventors and problem-solvers who want to materialize their ideas or products.
  • People who are enthusiastic about being an entrepreneur and want to commence the first move.
  • Students who want to understand in depth the Lean Canvas method.

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Course content

11 sections β€’ 37 lectures β€’ 1h 15m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction1 lecture β€’ 4min

  • Does the course suitable for me? A few words about the course.03:30

What is a business model3 lectures β€’ 6min

  • The story of the copiers01:40
  • Product market fit01:18
  • What is a business model?02:39
  • Quiz for section 25 questions

The lean canvas5 lectures β€’ 8min

  • Never build a product that nobody wants02:18
  • The lean startup processes01:29
  • A bird’s eye view of the Lean Canvas01:19
  • Fill out the first canvas01:51
  • Summary of section 300:54
  • Drawing the Lean Canvas1 question
  • Quiz for section 33 questions
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Solving the right problem5 lectures β€’ 9min

  • Don’t swallow an elephant for breakfast03:01
  • Find the early adopters.01:38
  • Personas01:35
  • What is a problem02:08
  • Summary of section 400:26

How to fill out the solution box1 lecture β€’ 2min

  • The customers are not interested in your solution.02:03

The Unique Value proposition3 lectures β€’ 6min

  • How should UVP looks like?02:22
  • Value that customers appreciate03:09
  • UVP check list00:57

How do you get to customers?6 lectures β€’ 11min

  • Definition of distribution channels02:14
  • Web/Mobile distribution channels02:01
  • Physical Distribution Channels01:27
  • How do you raise your prospects’ attention?01:47
  • Engaging your customers01:36
  • Post-sale customer support02:16

Section 8 – How to generate revenue4 lectures β€’ 11min

  • Meet TAM, SAM, and SOM03:06
  • Finding the TAM and SAM of a market2 questions
  • setting the right pricing Strategies01:20
  • Develop the revenue and monetizing arteries06:13
  • Section summary00:42

Metrics – Are you driving the right way?3 lectures β€’ 7min

  • How to measure my progress using KPI and metrics.05:18
  • Understand your cost01:52
  • Exercise – Guesstimate your startup expanses00:02

The secret of gaining an unfair advantage in your market?5 lectures β€’ 8min

  • What is an unfair advantage?01:19
  • THe story of Lemonade01:29
  • The story of Moovit01:54
  • The story of Habana Labs and Mellanox01:37
  • The golden rules of unfair advantage02:00

A final word1 lecture β€’ 2min

  • The central message of the course01:45

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