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Master Price Action! Complete Day Trading Strategy From A-Z

Complete Day Trading Strategy Suitable for Forex, Indices, Gold and Crypto. Supply & Demand + S/R Indicators Included!

  • Free tutorial
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 54.5 (920 ratings)
  • 10,749 students
  • 1hr 36min of on-demand video
  • Created by Trader TPB
  • English

What you’ll learn

  • Understand all the basic principles of Price Action, candlesticks, demand and supply, and how to PROPERLY apply them in your day trading.
  • Learn the true power of incorporating HIGHER TIMEFRAME ANALYSIS into your decision-making process, before planning your every trade.
  • LOGICALLY identify, quantify and mark the key Demand & Supply Zones on your higher timeframe, as well as Support and Resistance Levels on the lower TF.
  • Become a great RISK MANAGER first and only then a trader, by assuming a strict discipline when it comes to entries, exits and position sizing.
  • Learn how scalping is similar to and different from day trading, how to manage risk and time during your scalp trades and what are my main scalping rules.
  • Understand how to enter and exit scalps using my strategy, how to set your Stop Loss, how to add to your position, plus some useful tips and tricks.
  • Get my simple TRADINGVIEW INDICATOR that I myself use when searching for the best entry levels and zones on the higher timeframe chart or while scalping.
  • Get my in-house MT5 EXPERT ADVISOR that you can use in MetaTrader to automatically draw key S/R levels and identify the main Demand and Supply Zones.


  • No prior knowledge is required. The course is equally useful to complete beginners and experienced traders.
  • Having a free TradingView account would help you go through the course, benefit from the indicator I provide, and in your future chart analysis as well.


What Will You Get From This Course?

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Offering a recipe for improving your trading results, this course gives you a straightforward price action strategy and a solid set of rules for managing risk like a professional, leaving behind all the noobie mistakes that made you lose money in the past.

But Why Is This Course Free? Is it worth the time?

I know you’re used to seeing trading courses, seminars, webinars and coaching programs being sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars all around the Internet. The thing is my goal isn’t to make a fortune out of selling educational content to you, since I’m already a successful trader and that alone makes me live a fulfilling life already (no, I’m not bragging).

The harsh truth about most “traders” selling online courses for ridiculous amounts of money is that their trading career isn’t on the right path and they’re trying to make up for it by turning you into their main source of income. This isn’t fair or honest at all, but it’s a reality.

Ok, But Still, Why Did I Bother Creating This Course?

Well, since we got the financial aspect out of the question, I must confess that one thing that really pisses me off is seeing lots of beginners in trading getting ‘rekt’ following the dreadful advice of all kinds of Twitter and YouTube “gurus” who have literally no idea how markets work, what moves a market, how to properly read a chart or how to manage risk adequately.

If you take a look at their pitiful charts, you’re immediately overwhelmed by the number of flashy indicators and colored lines – all of them making you unconsciously think “Wow, this guy is smart and his analysis is so complex! I have to get at his level, fast!”.

And then you find yourself throwing money at him, just to end up even more confused after joining his training program, weekend seminar or, even worse, his paid signals group. I’ve made all of these mistakes myself and I’d hate knowing you’re going to fall down the same rabbit hole as I did back in the day.

Back to the initial question, my only benefit from you taking this course is the thought that maybe I’ll get to convince you that trading is only as complicated as you make it to be, and that for this reason you don’t have to throw away hundreds or thousands of dollars that would be better spent elsewhere. Now, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of this course.

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What Are We Going To Cover Throughout The Course?

  • Introduction to Price Action trading – If you’re a complete rookie, don’t worry! We’re gonna recap all the basics to get you on the same page. You’re gonna be spoon-fed, the right way.
  • Multi-timeframe analysis is always a must – You’re going to learn the crucial role of analyzing a higher timeframe before diving into scalping and day trading on the lower timeframe charts.
  • Properly identifying and marking key S/R levels – How you draw your Support & Resistance levels and Demand & Supply Zones is at the core of your strategy. Most probably, you’re doing it wrong already!
  • This is where you mess up – Risk Management – Risk Tolerance, Stop Loss, Position Sizing – all are mandatory. You’re gonna become a Risk Manager first, and then a Trader. Noobs usually skip this.
  • TradingView S/R and Demand & Supply Zone private indicator – With time you’re gonna develop a sharp eye for spotting key areas on your chart, but this TW indicator will do your job for now. Again, spoon-feeding you.
  • MetaTrader5 S/R and Demand & Supply Zone expert advisor – MT5 user? This EA will calculate and draw all the relevant Support & Resistance levels, as well as help you identify Demand & Supply zones.

Ok, But Who Am I?

I am Mike, a forexindices and cryptocurrency trader who went through all the trading mistakes you can imagine, bought tons of TA books, attended lots of webinars and live trading seminars, tried hundreds of useless indicators (and tweaking every little setting and parameter for each of them), before realizing that pure Price Action and solid risk management are the keys to profitable trading, along with the right mindset of course.

Now, years after I acknowledged and accepted that all of those flashy indicators, alongside reckless risk management and an inconsistent mental approach have been the entry barriers into the world of consistent trading profits, I managed to synthetize and organize my thoughts, knowledge and experience into an easy-to-digest and novice-friendly video course, which I’m going to share with you here.

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Before jumping in, try to discard all the non-sense that your Twitter trading “guru” has instilled into your mind.

Having that said, let’s waste no more time and let’s start fixing your trading flaws right away.

Enroll now and I’ll see you on the other side!

Who this course is for:

  • Traders starting from Noob level all the way to experienced traders who are still not consistently profitable yet.
  • Traders of any markets, doesn’t matter if you trade forex, stocks, indices, commodities, crypto or anything in between.
  • Traders who haven’t found any success in the indicators and strategies they’ve used thus far and are fed up of switching gears every week. My simple trading style will probably stick to your brain for a long time.

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Course content

8 sections • 32 lectures • 1h 40m total lengthCollapse all sections

Candlesticks, Viewed From A Better Perspective4 lectures • 13min

  • Candlesticks – How to properly read and interpret them?04:17
  • Boring Candle vs. Significant Candle02:25
  • Retail Candle vs. Professional Candle02:52
  • Disclaimer! Please read this carefully!03:02

Demand & Supply Zones, Support & Resistance, The Right Way3 lectures • 11min

  • Install my TradingView indicator00:22
  • How to properly identify Demand & Supply Zones?06:26
  • What about S/R levels, can you just draw them randomly?04:05

Risk Management, The Constitution Of Smart Traders3 lectures • 14min

  • Entry, Stop Loss, Take Profit levels05:22
  • Scaling In and Scaling Out of a position03:05
  • Formula to easily calculate the right Position Size05:17

My Core Strategy, Explained From A to Z6 lectures • 22min

  • Trend and Demand & Supply Zones on the higher timeframe04:16
  • My “secret” sauce, AT vs. UT Demand & Supply Zones06:37
  • Support and Resistance on the lower timeframe06:01
  • Update – Alternative to S/R on the lower timeframe01:38
  • Trade execution, setting the Entry, Stop Loss, Take Profit03:14
  • Recap of the full strategy, step-by-step00:03

MetaTrader5 Indicator & Expert Advisor3 lectures • 6min

  • Download and install my MT5 indicator(s)00:05
  • Installing and using the indicators in MT503:51
  • One little trick I use to keep track of potential trades02:04

Scalping 1014 lectures • 18min

  • Scalping vs. day trading04:16
  • My strict rules when scalping04:26
  • Examples of scalping04:45
  • Scalping tips from my own experience04:46

Mindset & Emotional Control, Key Ingredients To Success4 lectures • 9min

  • Understand that trading is a numbers game02:27
  • The mirage of Win Rate, just a nasty marketing silliness?01:59
  • The number 1 reason you lose money, even with a good strategy01:52
  • Learn to lose like a pro! I bet no on tells you this02:33

Closing Thoughts, Get To Work Now5 lectures • 8min

  • Enough said, time to get the job done!00:34
  • NEW! What PROP FIRMS Do I Use?03:27
  • NEW! IMPORTANT UPDATE on Prop Firm Challenges!01:37
  • NEW! What BROKER Do I Use?01:49
  • Bonus Resources00:28

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