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Learn to Program in Javascript: Beginner to Pro

Don’t just be a good programmer, become a great one because that is what matters.

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4hr 24min of on-demand video

Created by Raghavendra Dixit


English [Auto]

What you’ll learn

  • understand object orientation in javascript
  • write functional programs in javascript
  • know some pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • write rich internet applications (AJAX style)


  • Some familiarity with HTML/CSS is required as Javascript is used for DOM manipulation.


Javascript is the language of the web. So if you want to become a web developer, Javascript is a must learn language. This is an in-depth course which teaches seemingly difficult concepts like functional programming in a easy to understand way. Along the course, we also compare Javascript with other languages like Java, so that people having some experience with a language like C, Java or C#, which are statically typed languages, can easily understand how to write good Javascript programs.

Javascript has been notorious when it comes to finding bugs in the program. This course also talks about some pitfalls in the language which should be avoided, so that you have a much easier time writing code and debugging in this language.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for students who want to learn JavaScript from scratch or want to improve their skills if they are already familiar with the language. The course also covers how to do functional style of programming, which is a very interesting paradigm and getting popular to write robust, maintainable and bug free code. This course is not for those who consider themselves an expert in the language (people who can look at source code of frameworks like jquery/AngularJS etc. and easily understand it)
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Course content

5 sections β€’ 71 lectures β€’ 4h 29m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction to Javascript24 lectures β€’ 1hr 19min

  • Introduction03:00
  • “Hello World” with Javascript03:27
  • Quiz-12 questions
  • Little History03:24
  • Quiz-23 questions
  • Variables01:55
  • Using ‘REPL’ style console02:57
  • Quiz-32 questions
  • Data Types04:21
  • Flavor of Javascript04:46
  • Quiz-47 questions
  • The String data type02:32
  • The Number data type01:21
  • The Boolean data type04:51
  • Comments02:45
  • Operators06:16
  • Expressions03:19
  • Quiz-56 questions
  • ‘if-else’ statement04:06
  • ‘switch’ statement04:02
  • The ‘while’ loop02:51
  • The ‘for’ loop02:31
  • ‘break’ and ‘continue’02:10
  • Quiz-62 questions
  • Functions04:13
  • Variable Scope01:53
  • Type Conversion02:15
  • Javascript in a web page03:06
  • Using external Javascript files06:08
  • Quiz-75 questions
  • Assignment-100:41

Objects & Arrays13 lectures β€’ 48min

  • What are objects?05:39
  • Object properties05:01
  • JSON- Javascript Object Notation06:20
  • The β€˜global’ object03:18
  • Quiz – 14 questions
  • Arrays in Javascript03:17
  • Sparse Arrays01:45
  • Arrays as objects02:32
  • Length of an array02:43
  • Iterating over an array03:22
  • Deleting elements of an array01:26
  • Quiz-24 questions
  • Methods in an array08:07
  • Sorting arrays03:56
  • Quiz-34 questions
  • Assignment-200:33

Functional Programming with Javascript12 lectures β€’ 48min

  • Coverage01:02
  • Functional paradigm06:51
  • Higher Order functions04:17
  • Anonymous functions03:14
  • Nested functions02:12
  • Quiz-14 questions
  • Closures05:12
  • Closures – An example03:12
  • Quiz-22 questions
  • List Comprehension – filter function04:53
  • List Comprehension – map function01:53
  • List Comprehension – reduce function08:24
  • Accessing variable number of arguments05:38
  • Quiz-32 questions
  • Assignment-300:52

Object Oriented Programming with Javascript7 lectures β€’ 21min

  • Coverage00:35
  • Functions as Objects02:58
  • The β€˜this’ keyword07:22
  • Quiz-12 questions
  • Constructor functions04:11
  • Using the β€˜prototype’ property02:20
  • Inheritance using ‘prototype’03:01
  • Quiz-24 questions
  • Assignment-400:23

Miscellaneous15 lectures β€’ 1hr 14min

  • Coverage00:57
  • Error handling04:02
  • Debugging04:03
  • DOM: Document Object Model09:55
  • Quiz-11 question
  • A simple slideshow03:33
  • ‘setTimeout’ function04:25
  • Browser events04:28
  • Event bubbling and propagation06:27
  • The event object07:25
  • Quiz-22 questions
  • AJAX overview04:45
  • Using XMLHttpRequest object08:49
  • Using var keyword for local variables03:09
  • How browsers work09:04
  • Quiz-31 question
  • Conclusion00:33
  • Assignment-502:19
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