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Learn Basic of Emerging Trends in Computer

  • Emerging Trends in Computer & Information Technology
  • Free tutorial
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  • 1,648 students
  • 1hr 45min of on-demand video
  • Created by Abdul Aziz Patel Khan


What you’ll learn

  • Emerging Trends in Computer & Information technology Field


  • Be able to identify the concepts of Computer Sciences.


The aim of this course is to  help students to attain the industry identified competency through various teaching learning experience: acquire knowledge of emerging trends. Advancements and applications of Computer Engineering and Information Technology are ever changing. Emerging trends aims at creating awareness about major trends that will define technological disruption in the  upcoming years in the field of Computer Engineering and Information Technology. These are some emerging areas expected to generated revenue, increasing demand as IT professionals and open avenues of entrepreneurship. The Objectives of the course are Differentiate between Machine Learning & Deep Learning, State IoT issues & Challenges in deployment, Describe the given model of Digital Forensics Investigation, Describe the given evidence handling, Describe the need to hack your own systems, Describe Database Vulnerabilities. The outcomes of the course are Describe Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning: Describe the concept of AI, State the components of AI, Differentiate between Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Interpret IoT Concepts: Describe IoT Systems in which information and knowledge are inferred from data, State IoT issues and challenges in deployment, Compare Model of Digital Forensic Investigation: Describe the given model of Digital Forensics Investigation, State the ethical and unethical issues in Digital Forensics, Describe Evidence Handling Procedures: List the rules of digital evidence, Describe the given evidence handling procedures, Describe Ethical Hacking Process: Describe the need to hack your own system, Detect Network, Operating System & Application vulnerabilities: Network Infrastructure vulnerabilities (Wired/Wireless),Describe Messaging Systems vulnerabilities.

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Who this course is for:

  • Beginners of Software developers, Under graduates in Computer Science

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Course content

5 sections • 15 lectures • 1h 44m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence5 lectures • 32min

  • Introduction & History of Artificial Intelligence06:20
  • Goal & Importance of AI04:38
  • Types of AI based on Capabilities05:32
  • Types of AI based on Functionality03:48
  • Application of AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning11:19

Internet of Things3 lectures • 26min

  • Embedded System08:05
  • Introduction to IoT07:48
  • IoT Communication Model & Applications10:20

Digital Forensics3 lectures • 18min

  • Introduction & history of Digital Forensics07:14
  • Models of Digital Forensics05:53
  • Digital Forensics Investigation04:56

Digital Evidence1 lecture • 10min

  • Digital Evidence09:33

Hacking3 lectures • 19min

  • Basics of Ethical Hacking11:25
  • Ethical Hacking Principles and processes.04:38
  • Types of Hacking03:24

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