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Katalon Studio – Step by Step for Beginners

  • Learn automation testing with Katalon Studio from scratch
  • Free tutorial
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 54.5 (2,766 ratings)
  • 43,978 students
  • 10hr 25min of on-demand video
  • Created by Raghav Pal


What you’ll learn

  • Install and Run Katalon Studio
  • Automate web applications using Katalon Studio
  • Create web ui tests for multiple browsers
  • Learn record and playback
  • Find objects using object spy
  • Execute web ui automation tests on multiple browsers
  • Results and Reporting
  • Send Email notification with results
  • Integrate with Jenkins for Continuous Integration
  • Integrate with Git (Version Control System)
  • Work with Katalon Studio for personal and enterprise projects


  • No mandatory pre existing knowledge is required
  • Basic knowledge on software testing will help


This course is created for complete beginners. If you do not have any programming experience and want to learn test automation, this course is for you. Very basic step by step videos to guide you from scratch. 

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In this session we will start from very basics of Katalon Studio. 

  • Understand what is Katalon Studio
  • How to Download and Install
  • How to create First Automation Test
  • How to create Reports
  • How to integrate with GIT and JENKINS

Let’s Get Started…

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Katalon Studio with step by step examples
  • Anyone who wants to learn test automation in an easy way
  • Anyone who wants to do Test Automation without programming or coding experience

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Course content

18 sections • 46 lectures • 10h 24m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction – What is Katalon Studio1 lecture • 3min

  • What is Katalon Studio03:22

Download, Install and Get Started2 lectures • 22min

  • How to install Katalon Studio07:11
  • Start and Explore GUI of Katalon Studio14:49

Create your First Test4 lectures • 45min

  • How to create First Automation Test04:55
  • How to Record and Replay09:55
  • How to create test in Manual Mode17:57
  • How to create test in Script Mode11:56

Create and Run Test Suite2 lectures • 16min

  • How to create and run Test Suite08:27
  • Test Suite Collection – How to run Test Suites in Parallel07:09

Excel | CSV | Files1 lecture • 18min

  • How to get data from Excel18:18

Results and Reporting4 lectures • 41min

  • Test Execution Reports09:59
  • Basic Reports plugin07:26
  • How to Email Results05:37
  • How to use Katalon Analytics Step-by-Step18:26

JENKINS and CommandLine execution3 lectures • 37min

  • How to run from Command Line (Console)08:50
  • Integration with JENKINS – CI11:16
  • Katalon Jenkins Plugin17:04

Integration with GIT2 lectures • 22min

  • Integration with GIT10:27
  • JENKINS and GIT integration11:14

GIT JENKINS LINUX1 lecture • 27min

  • How to run Katalon Studio tests on Linux using Git & Jenkins26:57
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API Testing3 lectures • 58min

  • How to do API testing with Katalon23:00
  • API Chaining | SOAP – XML | How to send value from one API to other19:12
  • API Chaining | REST – JSON | How to send value from one API to other15:44

Mobile Testing3 lectures • 1hr 40min

  • How to do Mobile (android) Testing on Windows with Katalon Studio | 8 STEPS28:58
  • How to do Mobile (android) Testing on Mac OS | 7 STEPS27:12
  • How to do iOS Testing on Mac OS | 10 Steps43:33

ENVIRONMENTS | Execution Profiles1 lecture • 15min

  • How to create ENVIRONMENTS | Execution Profiles15:08

CUSTOM KEYWORDS1 lecture • 8min

  • How to create Custom Keywords08:05

BDD | CUCUMBER2 lectures • 44min

  • How to create BDD Cucumber tests in Katalon Studio32:30
  • How to create Cucumber Runner11:10

Plugins2 lectures • 37min

  • How to use Smart XPath plugin18:14
  • How to use Applitools plgugin for Visual Validation19:04

New Versions | Features1 lecture • 12min

  • Katalon Studio 5.5 | What’s New12:08

Windows Desktop Application Testing1 lecture • 13min

  • How to test windows desktop application using Katalon Studio13:25

TIPS & TRICKS12 lectures • 1hr 46min

  • How to use Variables06:39
  • How to create CHECKPOINTS06:58
  • How to work with Web Object Locators04:51
  • How to refer and reuse Test Case03:08
  • How to simulate keyboard key press | Send Keys02:47
  • How to do Video Recording of Test Execution04:15
  • How to record on existing active Browser05:39
  • Some Important Settings | Preferences07:28
  • How to handle alerts & popups16:03
  • How to handle Frames & iFrames17:21
  • How to add Chrome Extensions (plugins) at runtime22:39
  • How to test on Custom Browser with Extensions loaded08:21

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