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Introduction to 5G

  • 5G Overview
  • Free tutorial
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  • English

What you’ll learn

  • 5G technology
  • The need of 5G
  • Difference between 5G, LTE and with the pervious generation
  • New features in 5G Versus 4G
  • 5G Use Cases
  • 5G requirement in terms of Performance, Low latency and High data throughput
  • Organization involved in 5G standards
  • 5G standards timeline
  • 5G Releases 15, 16 and 17


  • No Prerequisites


Course Overview:

This course provide an overview of 5G technology by answering many questions.

Explain the 5G requirement in term of services and network architecture.

at the end an overview of the 3GPP standards, 5G timeline and Releases content.

Course Objectives:

By Completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define 5G technology.
  • Discuss the need of 5G and the difference between 5G and the pervious generation.
  • Describe the new features in 5G Versus 4G.
  • Discuss 5G use cases.
  • Describe 5G requirement in terms of Performance, Low latency and High data throughput.
  • Discuss the requirement for a new network.
  • Define the organization involved in 5G standards.
  • Define the 5G standards timeline.
  • Describe 5G Releases 15, 16 and 17

Course Content:

  • 5G Introduction
  1. Answering Questions about 5G
  2. 5G Vs 4G
  3. 5G Use Cases
  • 5G Requirement
  1. Performance
  2. Latency
  3. High Data Throughput
  4. New Network Architecture
  • 5G Standards
  1. Making 5G standards
  2. 5G TimeLine
  3. Release 15 specifications
  4. Release 16 specifications
  5. Release 17 specifications
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Course content

5 sections β€’ 10 lectures β€’ 51m total lengthCollapse all sections

Note1 lecture β€’ 1min

  • Note 100:04

Introduction1 lecture β€’ 1min

  • Introduction00:39

5G Introduction2 lectures β€’ 12min

  • 5G Vs 4G10:22
  • 5G Use Cases01:19

5G Requirement4 lectures β€’ 27min

  • Performance06:12
  • Latency10:33
  • High Data Throughput04:02
  • New Network Architecture06:26

5G Standards2 lectures β€’ 12min

  • Making 5G Standards04:33
  • 5G TimeLine and Release 15, 16 and 1707:25

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