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Improve your communication with Microsoft Outlook

Learn how to manage your email, contacts, tasks and calendar in Outlook

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  • 968 students
  • 38min of on-demand video
  • Created by Aizad Adam Ahmad
  • English

What you’ll learn

  • Outlook functions to manage professional communications.
  • Outlook Emailing
  • Outlook Calendar/Tasks
  • Outlook Management of Contacts


  • Basic software skills


Every day we send out numerous emails and receive a lot of other digital communications. Outlook is a software from Microsoft which helps you to communicate better. This course will help you 2 manager emails in a professional way. You will learn how to create and send emails with professional signatures. You will learn how to attach files and set up auto reply. We will also review how to search and filter email and clean up your inbox. It’s important to keep track of all of your emails so we will discuss about the useful steps of setting categories, flags, reminders, colours, folders and rules. The second aspect of outlook is contacts management. If you are running a business, it’s critical to keep track of your customers. You can update the information for all the contacts and set up groups also. This course will help you to manage your contacts so that you do not lose any opportunity. The third section of this course reviews outlook calendar which is an especially useful time management software. You can use it so that you never forget an appointment. We will learn how to create an appointment schedule, and online meeting and how to set up reminders. This course will make you a better professional by improving your communication skills and, time management, and people management. This course is not sponsored or endorsed by Microsoft corporation.

  1. Welcome to your email
  2. Create and send email
  3. Create an email signature
  4. Sending and receiving attachments
  5. Recall or replace a sent email
  1. Set-up auto-reply
  2. Search and filter email
  3. Ignore conversations
  4. Clean up your inbox
  1. Set categories, flags, reminders, or colors
  2. Organize email by using folders
  3. How to set up rules
  1. Add a contact
  2. Create a contact group
  3. Import Gmail contacts
  4. Export contacts
  5. Create tasks and a to-do list
  1. Welcome to your calendar
  2. Create appointments and meetings
  3. Schedule an online meeting
  4. Share your calendar
  5. Import calendars
  6. Search for calendar items
  7. Use calendar categories and reminders
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Disclaimer: This course is not sponsored or endorsed by Microsoft. Dazia Consulting is an independent provider of training materials.

Who this course is for:

  • Adult learners who want to improve their email, contacts and calendar skills
  • College and University students

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Course content

1 section • 7 lectures • 38m total length

Introduction7 lectures • 38min

  • Introduction to Microsoft Office05:28
  • Create email03:21
  • Manage email – signature set up04:50
  • Organize your inbox06:14
  • Contacts and tasks Part 107:08
  • Contacts and Tasks part 206:47
  • Calendar04:41

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