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How to speak to anyone & be fearless – in less than 55 min

  • Learn to quickly connect with crowds of strangers, be better on dates or ace that job interview.
  • Free tutorial
  • Rating: 4.4 out of 54.4 (13,145 ratings)
  • 277,669 students
  • 57min of on-demand video
  • Created by Ricardo Mendoza


What you’ll learn

  • Speak fearlessly to a crowd (or face to face)
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Learn better techniques


  • Not much! 🙂 If you communicate with anyone, and want to be a better boss, spouse, freelancer or in any field that you’re in, this course will help tremendously in making you a much better communicator


The goals of this course are simple:

  • To learn the basics of public speaking
  • Learn advanced techniques to be more charismatic and more likable
  • How to be more powerful as a human being

I (Ricky Mendoza) will be guiding you through the whole process in a fun and entertaining way.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a great product and need to get better at your pitches, then TAKE THIS COURSE! 

If you’re job hunting and need to leave an impression at your next job interview, then TAKE THIS COURSE! 

If you’re a parent and want better tools to communicate to your loved ones, then TAKE THIS COURSE! 

If you’re in the dating world and want the skills of a ninja communicator, then TAKE THIS COURSE!

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There’s something for everyone and I want you to get a lot of value from learning and practicing these skills.

As a filmmaker, musician, public speaker coach & entrepreneur I’ve done thousands of presentations and I’ve developed a simplified set of tools that have helped me along my way, I’m pleased to share them with you and hope you’ll get tremendous value from them. 

PS: I’ll be adding more videos and more value to this course. Feel free to message me for any questions or feedback to improve this course.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for anyone wanting to communicate better and more effectively

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Course content

7 sections â€¢ 23 lectures â€¢ 57m total lengthCollapse all sections

Building Blocks5 lectures â€¢ 17min

  • Intro03:05
  • The Why02:51
  • Side-Note about Perception03:43
  • Take Out the Trash02:53
  • Beliefs04:53

Break Fear and Take Control of the Room2 lectures â€¢ 4min

  • Energy and Matter01:00
  • Transference of Energy03:04

What Really Matters3 lectures â€¢ 7min

  • Overview and Voice Tonality02:18
  • Body Language03:08
  • Words01:55

Beyond the Basics – Ninja Skills4 lectures â€¢ 13min

  • Rapport – Evaluate, Match & Bring06:49
  • Charisma: Power, Energy and Caring03:20
  • Be Brief and to the Point00:09
  • Be Clear of the Final Result02:52

Killer Tips3 lectures â€¢ 6min

  • Don’t Look at Anyone in the Eyes02:11
  • Remove Ums and Filler Words02:41
  • Slooooooow Doooown01:14

Moves of the Masters5 lectures â€¢ 7min

  • Metaphors02:15
  • Build on Success01:53
  • Outline00:36
  • Prepare, Prepare, Prepare00:38
  • Visualize Your Success01:54

Congratulations!!!1 lecture â€¢ 2min

  • Congratulations and Connect with Fellow Graduates02:03

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