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Google Sheets Basic Course In the Hindi Language

Learn Google Sheets in the Hindi language, stay out of the crowd and unlock your growth.

Free tutorial

284 students

59min of on-demand video

Created by Bhavesh Chandarana


What you’ll learn

  • Operating knowledge of Google Sheets.
  • Getting familiar with different ready-to-use features/tools available in Google Sheets.
  • Understanding useful functions of Google Sheets.
  • Understanding data formatting and data validation in Google Sheets.
  • Making charts in Google Sheets in just 3 clicks.
  • Shortcuts are offered in Google Sheets.


  • No prior Google Sheets knowledge is required, only thing needed is willingness to upgrade the knowledge and a Google account which is free.


Google Sheets, cloud based spreadsheets is very easy to learn and simple to operate, but on the same hand it’s very powerful. Organisations across multiple sectors are widely using Google Sheets in their operations and hence for better career opportunities it is a must have skill in today’s digital era.

On completion of this course you will get strong operating knowledge of Google Sheets which will help you to implement Google Sheets in your day to day operations and you will also be able to work on important functions of Google Sheets which can be used to design different formulas to automate your manual tasks to boost your productivity.

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What makes this course different from others is the animated content which will make your learning journey easy and extremely time saving.

If you are a working professional, learn Google Sheets skills and give value to your organisation and win in the workplace.

If you are a business owner, learn Google Sheets, upgrade your business with world class technology, put your business on autopilot mode and unlock your growth.

If you are a student, upgrade your knowledge with Google Sheets skills, be future ready and build the foundation of a successful career.

Who this course is for:

  • Learners who are willing to gain operating knowledge of Google Sheets.
  • Working professionals who are willing to upgrade their knowledge and want to win the workplace and grow fast.
  • Students willing to build a foundation of successful career by learning the 21st century in demand skill.
  • Business owners willing to upgrade their business to world class technology by implementing Google Sheets in their routine operations.

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Course content

4 sections β€’ 53 lectures β€’ 59m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction to Google Sheets8 lectures β€’ 5min

  • Creating a new Google Sheet00:30
  • Overview of Google Sheets00:41
  • Addition of Column & Row00:54
  • Delete Column & Row00:28
  • Resize Column & Row00:47
  • Delete, Hide, Unhide and Create a Duplicate Worksheet00:51
  • Selection of Range00:33
  • Introduction to Data Summary00:29

Basic tools of Google Sheets17 lectures β€’ 16min

  • Introduction to data formatting tools01:10
  • Understanding data freezing tool00:41
  • Understanding of sorting tools00:30
  • Quick data formatting using alternate colours01:09
  • Collaborating of Google Sheets with multiple users01:08
  • Sharing Google Sheets publicly01:08
  • Understanding the row/column protection and sheet protection01:16
  • How to print Google Sheets01:01
  • How to download Google Sheets00:20
  • How to email Google Sheets00:45
  • Removing duplicate records00:41
  • How to split data00:21
  • Understanding edit history00:41
  • Adding hyperlinks01:40
  • Understanding Filter tool01:48
  • Useful keyboard shortcuts in Google Sheet00:22
  • Opening/converting Excel file into Google Sheet01:02
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The intermediate tools of Google Sheets11 lectures β€’ 16min

  • Understanding data validation tool03:10
  • Understanding Conditional formatting02:36
  • How to add images in Google Sheets?01:29
  • How to add comments and send Email from Google Sheets using commenting tool?01:02
  • Changing of Google Sheets location within Google Drive00:31
  • Publishing Google Sheets as web page00:54
  • Google Sheets backup and restore01:08
  • How to use find and replace tool02:15
  • Location and calculations setting in Google Sheets00:47
  • Addition of Prefix and Suffix to Numbers01:09
  • Introduction to powerful Charts/Graphs tools in Google Sheets00:38

Introduction to Google Sheets functions17 lectures β€’ 23min

  • Introduction to Google Sheets functions00:52
  • Average Function00:52
  • How to make changes in a formula using find and replace tool01:25
  • Google translate Function00:59
  • TODAY Function00:35
  • TRANSPOSE Function01:03
  • LEFT/RIGHT Function01:14
  • MERGE Function01:18
  • UPPER/LOWER Function00:49
  • SORT Function01:20
  • COUNT & COUNTA Function01:12
  • UNIQUE Function00:59
  • IF Function03:10
  • SUMIF Function01:41
  • VLOOKUP Function02:30
  • Array Formula01:23

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