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GetGoing: Introduction to Golang

A beginner’s guide to programming with Go

Free tutorial

Created by DSC VIT Powered by Google Developers, Angad Sharma


What you’ll learn

  • Golang
  • Backend development
  • Software language
  • Hosting
  • Programming language
  • Go
  • Gopher


  • No requirements



This course will give you an understanding of how the Go language works. The following are some of the topics covered in this course:

  • Setting up Go
  • GOPATH and the Go filestructure
  • Datatypes, interfaces, structures and pointers in Go
  • Control Statements
  • Concurrency
  • Parallelism
  • Goroutines
  • Channels
  • API development with Go
  • Database connection with Go
  • Hosting a Go application on the Heroku cloud

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner computer scientists
  • Beginner software enthusiasts

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Course content

6 sections • 51 lectures • 3h 23m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction6 lectures • 12min

  • Who am I01:09
  • Introduction to the course03:37
  • Installation02:41
  • Hello world02:09
  • The Go file-structure01:50
  • Outro00:29

Data types and control structure10 lectures • 46min

  • Declaring and initialization of variables02:57
  • Strings03:53
  • Arrays03:21
  • Pointers03:06
  • Structures in Go04:55
  • Introduction to interfaces06:48
  • Interfaces continued04:38
  • Control structures in Go08:41
  • Control structures continued07:11
  • Outro00:59

Concurrency in Go12 lectures • 54min

  • Introduction00:40
  • Introduction to concurrency04:58
  • Concurrency continued02:06
  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous03:47
  • Goroutines08:40
  • Goroutines continued06:32
  • Channels04:10
  • Unbuffered channels06:06
  • Buffered channels05:16
  • A simple ping pong game using concurrency04:41
  • Select block06:30
  • Outro00:39
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Introduction to API development with Go15 lectures • 1hr 16min

  • Introduction00:55
  • What is an API01:57
  • MVC framework01:58
  • Creating our first server07:28
  • HTTP methods05:52
  • Project introduction08:07
  • Refactoring our project to MVC08:00
  • Connecting to a Database05:44
  • Insertion introduction07:57
  • Insertion continued05:26
  • Reading from the DB06:21
  • Querying the DB05:09
  • Deleting from the DB06:17
  • Project summary04:02
  • Outro01:15

API hosting using heroku7 lectures • 14min

  • Introduction00:28
  • What is hosting02:04
  • Hosting pipeline01:50
  • Vendoring02:13
  • The hosting procedure04:07
  • Summary01:11
  • Outro01:51

Course Outro1 lecture • 1min

  • Outro00:55

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