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Excel Formulas for Absolute Beginners

Learn MS Excel formulas in a fun and interesting way by solving puzzles and playing games!

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Created by Mumshad Mannambeth


What you’ll learn

  • Use Excel Formulas in spreadsheets
  • Use cell references in Excel – Relative, Absolute, Cross sheet referencing
  • Understand how formulas in Excel can make your day to day job easy!


  • You should be able to use a PC at a beginners level
  • Must have access to Microsoft Excel Application


In this course we’ll be learning about excel formulas and have a lot of fun while we are at it. 

This course is for Beginners who are just starting with Excel formulas and hopefully, by the end of course gain enough knowledge to be able to use formulas in their day-to-day activities.  We will start with Cell References, and then move on to different types of formulas, functions such as Logical functions, text Functions and Lookup functions.  All the topics have associated Excel Workbook resources containing sample problems to solve, puzzles, games and real-world practice questions to practice on.

To conclude, work on a mini-project to build a dashboard for an imaginary software development firm.

Happy Learning!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who likes Fun!
  • Anyone who likes to learn by doing
  • Anyone who wants to learn basics of Excel Formulas
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Course content

4 sections â€¢ 11 lectures â€¢ 30m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction1 lecture â€¢ 3min

  • Introduction02:56

Formula Basics4 lectures â€¢ 15min

  • Introduction to Cell References02:18
  • Cell References8 questions
  • Introduction to Excel Formula03:15
  • Excel Formula Introduction4 questions
  • Formula Basics – 11 question
  • Formula Basics – 21 question
  • Formula Basics – 31 question
  • Formula Basics – 41 question
  • Formula Basics – 51 question
  • Formula Basics – 61 question
  • Absolute and Relative Cell Referencing07:56
  • Cell References across Worksheets01:48
  • Formula Cross-Sheet Cell References – 11 question
  • Formula – Cross Sheet Referencing – 21 question

Functions5 lectures â€¢ 11min

  • Introduction to Functions01:46
  • Text Functions02:32
  • Logical Operators00:36
  • Logical Functions02:49
  • vLOOKUP – Lookup and Reference Functions03:42
  • Functions – 11 question
  • Functions – 21 question
  • Functions – 31 question
  • Function – 41 question

Mini-Project1 lecture â€¢ 1min

  • Mini-Project00:55

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