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Cracking the code: ChatGPT prompt engineering secrets

Become skilled prompt engineer and unleash the full potential of ChatGPT

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  • 1,709 students
  • 36min of on-demand video
  • Created by Suman Saharan
  • English

What you’ll learn

  • What is prompt engineering
  • How to become prompt engineer
  • Best prompts for social media
  • Best prompts for SEO
  • Prompt engineering jobs
  • ChatGPT prompts secrets
  • ChatGPT extensions
  • Tools that can help you write better prompts


  • No programming experience needed


Are you eager to become a skilled prompt engineer and unleash the full potential of ChatGPT? Look no further! This Udemy course is specifically designed to help you master the art of writing excellent prompts and monetize your ChatGPT skills.

Throughout this course, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge and practical techniques to craft high-quality prompts that yield impressive results. We firmly believe that with the right input, you can achieve outstanding output, and that’s exactly what we’ll focus on.

Starting with a solid foundation, we’ll explore general writing guidelines that will greatly enhance your prompt-writing abilities. We’ll then delve into the realm of social media prompts, teaching you how to create engaging and compelling content tailored for various platforms.

But that’s not all! We’ll also cover the intricacies of writing prompts for blogs and optimizing them for search engine optimization (SEO). You’ll learn how to captivate readers, boost your online presence, and drive more traffic to your blog with strategic and enticing prompts.

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To streamline your prompt creation process, we’ll introduce you to a range of remarkable tools that will save you time and effort. These tools are designed to expedite your workflow and ensure you deliver prompt-driven content efficiently.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your writing skills, leverage ChatGPT’s potential, and unlock new possibilities for your online presence. Join us on this captivating journey and become a master prompt engineer today!

Enroll now and take the first step towards becoming a skilled ChatGPT prompt writer. Your success awaits!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner ChatGPT users
  • Advanced marketers
  • Advances entrepreneurs and freelancers

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Course content

4 sections • 8 lectures • 36m total lengthCollapse all sections

Prompt Engineering Basics2 lectures • 5min

  • Course Overview03:08
  • What is prompt engineering?01:52

Prompt Engineering Skills3 lectures • 22min

  • General writing guidelines07:53
  • Writing for social media06:34
  • Writing for blogs/SEO07:43

Extensions and Tools1 lecture • 5min

  • AIPRM05:17

Next Steps2 lectures • 4min

  • Useful resources and sites03:31
  • Course outro/thank you00:27

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