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Complete Introduction into Facebook Lead Generation Ads 2023


What you’ll learn

  • After Watching this Lead Generation Course, you will Be Able to Setup Meta Lead Generation Ads and Download First Contacts to your Potential Customers.
  • Get more Customers with Effective Meta (Facebook) Lead Generation Ads that Magnetically Attract Interest. Harness the Power of Meta Lead Generation Ads.
  • Expand your Customer Reach By Unleashing the Full Power of Meta (Facebook) Lead Generation Ads, Instagram Ads, and Messenger Ads. Use the Right Objective.
  • Use Meta Lead Ads to Showcase your Special Deals. Optimise your Ad Spend. Use Campaign Budget Optimisation. Use the Power of Custom and Lookalike Audiences.


  • Your Computer, Laptop, Touchpad, or Other Device and an Internet Connection. This Course is suitable for Complete Novices.


Hello and welcome to our exciting course on Meta Lead Ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Get ready to unlock the power of targeted lead generation and take your business to new heights.

Meta Lead Ads provide you with a remarkable opportunity to connect with individuals who have a potential interest in your products or services, all while effortlessly gathering valuable information from them.

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Utilizing the convenience of Instant Forms, you can effortlessly gather contact details such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, and more. These forms can also include custom questions, empowering you to gain a deeper understanding of your potential customers and align your business goals.

With Meta Lead Ads, you can:

  • Identify and engage potential customers for your business
  • Gather subscriber information for your company’s newsletter
  • Drive downloads of white papers, brochures, and more
  • Gain insights into the interests and behaviors of potential clients
  • Encourage enrollment in your programs

Creating lead ads is a breeze, whether through Meta Ads Manager or directly from your Facebook Page.

These ads are seamlessly integrated across various platforms, including Facebook Feed, Facebook Stories, Instant Articles, In-Stream Videos, Marketplace, Instagram Feed, and Instagram Stories.

When users interact with your ad, a form appears for them to fill out.

After submission, you can easily access your leads’ data through Meta Ads Manager or Meta Business Suite. Alternatively, you can connect to CRM systems like Mailchimp or Salesforce for efficient lead management.

The power of Meta Lead Ads lies in their simplicity.

A few taps on a mobile device can pave the way for meaningful connections. Filling out forms on mobile can be cumbersome, but Facebook lead ads eliminate that hurdle. Users can tap your ad, and a pre-populated form appears, making it incredibly convenient for them to share their information while generating a high-quality lead for your business.

Harness the potential of mobile platforms.

Pre-filled forms ensure a smooth user experience, even on small screens.

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Experience reduced drop-offs.

The streamlined process enhances completion rates as the form is partially filled.

Discover leads that truly matter.

Combine lead ads with audience selection and optimization tools for targeted results.

Pose the right questions.

Customizable forms enable you to prioritize essential information, resulting in higher-quality leads.

Integrate with your CRM seamlessly.

Sync newly generated leads with your CRM for immediate sales team action.

Tailor the experience to your audience.

Lead ads can encompass a range of objectives, from quote requests to event registrations.

Personalize your lead ads.

These ads are versatile, aligning with various goals – from brand awareness to customer acquisition. Customize features to optimize for rapid follow-ups or top-tier leads.

We’re thrilled to have you join us on this educational journey, empowering you with the skills to maximize the potential of Meta Lead Ads.

Warm regards,

Ing. Tomas Moravek & Team,

Internet Efficiency Awarded Facebook Ads Expert

Who this course is for:

  • For You.
  • Business Owners, B2B, B2C, Local Business Owners, & Everyone Wishing to Attract More Customers and Generate Leads Through Facebook, Instagram & the Web, Including Service Providers, Consultants, Sales Reps, Etc.

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Course content

1 section • 10 lectures • 1h 55m total length

Complete Introduction into Facebook Lead Generation Ads10 lectures • 1hr 55min

  • Welcome!04:51
  • Facebook Ads Essentials14:40
  • QUIZ – Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Essentials12 questions
  • Complete Introduction into Facebook Lead Generation Ads04:54
  • Meta (Facebook & Instagram) Lead Generation Ads – Setup & Objective Explanations08:52
  • QUIZ – Lead Generation Ads (9 Questions)9 questions
  • Meta (Facebook & Instagram) Lead Generation Ads – Finalistation23:48
  • QUIZ – Lead Generation Ads4 questions
  • Meta Lead Generation Ads – Retargeting Custom Audiences07:18
  • QUIZ – Retargeting (Re-engagement) Custom Audiences (5 Questions)5 questions
  • Meta Lead Generation Ads – Downloading Contacts & Using Lookalike Audiences10:42
  • Meta Lead Generation Ads – More About Lookalike Audiences06:21
  • QUIZ – Custom & Lookalike Audiences5 questions
  • Facebook Messages Ads33:42
  • QUIZ – Messages Ads for Messenger, Instagram & WhatsApp4 questions
  • Bonus Lecture00:02
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