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Complete Bugzilla Course for Beginners

  • Master Bug Filing, Reporting, Searching, Editing, Searching, Cloning and more using this course
  • Free tutorial
  • Rating: 4.1 out of 54.1 (69 ratings)
  • 6,437 students
  • 1hr 9min of on-demand video
  • Created by Ganesh Bagaria
  • English

What you’ll learn

  • Setting Bugzilla Account
  • Reporting and Submitting a Bug
  • Cloning and Editing a Bug
  • Graphical, Tabular Bug Reports and Charts
  • About listing Bugs
  • How to find or search for a Bug
  • About Simple, Quick and Advance Bug searching
  • About General, Email Preferences


  • You will need a PC with reliable working Internet connection


Bugzilla is a web-based general-purpose bug tracking system and testing tool originally developed and used by the Mozilla project, and licensed under the Mozilla Public License.

From this course, you will learn about the Bug Reporting, Searching a Bug, how to clone a Bug, editing a Bug, and more using Bugzilla tracking and testing tool.

Feel free to ask me any question.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who wants to learn how to report or file and track Bug reports using Bugzilla tool
  • Beginners who wants to learn about Bugzilla (Bug tracking tool)
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Course content

9 sections • 19 lectures • 1h 9m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction1 lecture • 2min

  • What is Bugzilla? | Introduction01:33

Setting Bugzilla1 lecture • 4min

  • Setting up Bugzilla account03:40

Reporting or Filing, Editing Bug with Detailing3 lectures • 15min

  • Reporting or Filing a Bug05:17
  • Bug Reporting page detailed explanation06:55
  • Editing a already reported Bug02:28

Cloning a Bug1 lecture • 3min

  • Cloning a already reported Bug02:56

What is a Report? | Graphical, Tabular Reports | Duplicates in a Report4 lectures • 12min

  • What is a Bug Report? | Introduction01:55
  • Graphical Report | Chart03:47
  • Tabular Report02:36
  • Duplicates in a Bug Report03:21

Browse Function1 lecture • 3min

  • Browse Function | Finding a Bug based on a Category02:40

Searching for Bug | Simple, Quick, Advance Search for a Bug3 lectures • 10min

  • Searching Bug using Simple Search technique03:16
  • Searching Bug using Quick Search technique02:41
  • Searching Bug using Advance Search technique03:51

Bug Listing | Bug listing in different formats1 lecture • 8min

  • Bug Listing | Listing Bugs in several formats07:57

User Preferences | General, User, Saved Searches, Account, API Preferences4 lectures • 14min

  • General Preferences05:41
  • Email Preferences03:10
  • Saved Searches02:16
  • Account Information | API Keys | Permissions03:16

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