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ChatGPT for Beginners: The Ultimate Use Cases for Everyone

Master ChatGPT to skyrocket your business to the next level and simplify your life – Start using ChatGPT Today!

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Created by Marlene Konu


What you’ll learn

  • Discover the capabilities of ChatGPT for a business point of view
  • The best tips to use ChatGPT effectively
  • Discover the capabilities of ChatGPT for a personal point of view
  • How to make money while using ChatGPT to do the work for you
  • How to use ChatGPT to create passive income streams
  • How to skyrocket your current business using ChatGPT and AI
  • Speed up your content creation process
  • Use ChatGPT in your daily life (meal prep, pocket coach…)
  • Save you a lot of time & energy with ChatGPT in every aspect
  • And much more!


  • A phone or a computer with connection to the internet
  • No prior experience required
  • A curiosity around ChatGPT is needed
  • No technical knowledge required


Learn how to leverage the power of ChatGPT to automate tasks, generate income, and improve your skills. This course is designed for individuals and businesses of all levels, from beginners to advanced users.

Throughout the course, you’ll discover how ChatGPT works and how it can be used to improve efficiency, save time, and streamline your workflows. You’ll learn how to set up and customize ChatGPT to meet your specific needs, and you’ll get hands-on experience using ChatGPT to complete real-world tasks.

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In addition to its practical uses in business and professional settings, ChatGPT can also be a valuable tool for personal life. For example, ChatGPT can be used in cooking, planning your next tip, get a fitness coach… It can also assist with research and information gathering, allowing individuals to learn new skills and concepts more efficiently. This can help individuals save time and stress, allowing them to focus on the things that matter most to them.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a solid understanding of how ChatGPT can help you or your business succeed.

This course includes:

  • An introduction to ChatGPT and its capabilities
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up and customizing ChatGPT
  • Hands-on exercises and real-world projects to apply your learning
  • Tips and best practices for effectively using ChatGPT
  • Advice on how to integrate ChatGPT into your business or personal workflow.

Whether you’re a student, business owner, or professional looking to improve your skills and streamline your work, this course has something for you. Join us and discover the power of ChatGPT.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals who want to learn how to generate income using ChatGPT
  • Business owners who want to utilize ChatGPT as an additional resource
  • Students looking to enhance their learning with ChatGPT
  • Anyone interested in staying ahead of the A.I revolution
  • People who are curious about how ChatGPT can help them personally and professionally
  • Professionals who want to utilize ChatGPT to automate repetitive tasks and free up time for more important matters
  • Beginners who want to understand the hype around ChatGPT
  • Those who are interested in exploring the capabilities of ChatGPT
  • Those looking to improve their writing skills with ChatGPT.
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Course content

5 sections • 19 lectures • 46m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction2 lectures • 3min

  • Introduction00:30
  • What ChatGPT is capable of?02:05

Let’s get started with ChatGPT!2 lectures • 2min

  • Sign up for a free ChatGPT account01:11
  • Simple tips before getting started with ChatGPT01:12

How to use ChatGPT as a business entrepreneur?10 lectures • 30min

  • Overview of ChatGPT capabilities as an entrepreneur00:47
  • Generate business ideas with ChatGPT02:28
  • Let ChatGPT be your design assistant04:58
  • Let ChatGPT be your writing assistant03:43
  • Let ChatGPT be your paid ads assistant02:41
  • Let ChatGPT be your ecommerce assistant04:21
  • Let ChatGPT create your elearning program03:22
  • Let ChatGPT be your social media content manager03:43
  • Let ChatGPT be your copywriter02:51
  • Let ChatGPT develop your next app00:48

ChatGPT as a daily assistant3 lectures • 8min

  • ChatGPT as a daily assistant00:54
  • Generate meals idea with ChatGPT04:16
  • Plan your next trip with ChatGPT03:08

How to make money with ChatGPT?2 lectures • 4min

  • Make money with ChatGPT02:07
  • Additional ways to make money with ChatGPT01:37

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