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Adobe Illustrator-CC Logo & Graphic Design Crash Course

Introduction To Graphic Design

  • Free tutorial
  • Rating: 4.6 out of 54.6 (236 ratings)
  • 6,660 students
  • 1hr 8min of on-demand video
  • Created by Rahsaan Boone
  • English

What you’ll learn

  • Logo creation
  • font creation
  • vector art
  • Graphic design basics


  • Must have adobe illustrator


Do you want to learn how to make logos or digital illustrations?

In this course I give you a brief history lesson on graphic design ,then we

jump right into creating:

*Pictorial logos

*Abstract Logos

*Mascot logos

*Wordmark Logos

*Emblem Logos

*Combination Logo

and more!

Learn how to “vectorize” your face!

Whether you want to create digital designs for personal use or

create logos for clients, this course is for you!



* Learn the difference between vector and raster images.

* Create various types of logos.

* Gain tips on creating fonts within illustrator.

* Learn how to design and create fun and engaging images within adobe illustrator.



* Adobe Illustrator (or trial version) or any other vector software programs

* Phone with a camera or digital camera

* Pencil and paper

* A positive attitude to learn!



*Beginners interested in creating logos and graphics within Adobe Illustrator.

*Anyone interested in the creative process whether for personal use or business.

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It still amazes me that we can create something from nothing and that

something can change the world!  Join my class today!

Rahsaan Featured Publications:

*     The Real You Is Inside (Available at Amazon)

*     Melon & Boone vol.1 (Available at Amazon)

*     Brain Drain by Kevan C. Peterson (Available at Amazon)

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner graphic designers

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Course content

5 sections â€¢ 17 lectures â€¢ 1h 7m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction2 lectures â€¢ 5min

  • What Is Graphic Design?02:07
  • What Is A Logo & Why Do You Need It?03:11
  • Logo Quiz3 questions

Font Creation3 lectures â€¢ 11min

  • How To Install & Use Fonts02:09
  • How To Make Custom Fonts Part 102:23
  • How To Make Custom Fonts Part 2 & 306:37
  • Upload your handwritten custom font (Lecture 3)1 question

Vector Art3 lectures â€¢ 11min

  • Vector vs. Raster02:27
  • Let’s Create A Vector Design (Part 1)02:33
  • Upload Your Vector Design1 question
  • Let’s Create A Vector Design (Part 2)06:27

Logo Challenge8 lectures â€¢ 38min

  • How To Design A Logo (Challenge)00:20
  • Create A Pictorial Logo Part 107:36
  • Create A Pictorial Logo Part 206:18
  • Upload Your Pictorial Logo1 question
  • Create An Abstract Logo02:33
  • Upload Your Abstract Logo1 question
  • Create An Emblem Logo03:48
  • Upload Your Emblem Logo1 question
  • Create A Wordmark Logo03:27
  • Upload Your Wordmark Logo1 question
  • Create A Mascot Logo05:38
  • Upload Your Mascot Logo1 question
  • Create A Combination Logo08:03
  • Upload Your Combination Logo1 question

Final Thoughts1 lecture â€¢ 1min

  • Final Thoughts00:46

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