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Business automation with airSlate

  • Learn how to digitize and automate paper-based processes with airSlate. See the value automation can bring for free.
  • Free tutorial
  • Rating: 3.7 out of 53.7 (19 ratings)
  • 944 students
  • 58min of on-demand video
  • Created by airSlate Academy


What you’ll learn

  • What’s stopping businesses from growing
  • How businesses can handle these pains
  • Examples of successful business automation
  • Key benefits automation brings for businesses


  • This is a course for beginners. If you’re new to business process automation, start here.


Today, almost every company is struggling with the following challenges:

  • Paper-based processes and manual data entry
  • Misfilled and lost documents
  • High operating costs and low performance

Believe it or not, but all these can be solved with business process automation. And that’s where airSlate comes into play.

airSlate is the first and only holistic no-code business automation platform. It combines e-signing, no-code robotic process automation, contract negotiation, document generation, and web forms into a single business automation platform.

You can save hundreds of hours of administrative work and handle all of your company’s documents, signatures, data transfers, and more for the price of a few overnight deliveries.

We created this course to show you how easy it is to streamline business processes and improve overall performance. In this course, you will get a deep dive into airSlate and learn how to automate businesses by leveraging a no-code, easy-to-configure solution.

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Let’s start your automation journey with airSlate!

Who this course is for:

  • DPA/RPA consultants
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers
  • HRs / recruiters
  • Sales engineers
  • Freelancers
  • And, anyone interested in automating their business processes.

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Course content

6 sections β€’ 25 lectures β€’ 1h 1m total lengthCollapse all sections

Intro to workflow automation6 lectures β€’ 9min

  • Welcome to the course!00:28
  • Advantages of workflow automation01:15
  • Key factors to consider behind costs of software development01:38
  • Average price for implementing new software01:58
  • Cutting costs with business automation01:37
  • Challenges when integrating data01:38

A solution to pain points4 lectures β€’ 14min

  • Manual processes: human error and lost time04:36
  • Ensure that only authorized parties are inputting data02:38
  • Reducing human-based inaccuracies with automation03:04
  • Disorganization and inefficient processes within an organization03:33

Getting started with airSlate2 lectures β€’ 4min

  • airSlate in a nutshell03:07
  • How to get started with airSlate?01:03

Automation in action6 lectures β€’ 13min

  • Common use cases for solving recurring challenges01:12
  • Use case #1. Employee onboarding02:47
  • Use case #2. Purchase request03:16
  • Use case #3. Leave approval process01:33
  • Complicated use case: CPQ and multi-approvals02:37
  • Benefits of automated workflows for your business01:15

Become an airSlate champion5 lectures β€’ 17min

  • Start your workflow setup with a free trial02:40
  • Examples of digital process automation02:12
  • Cost-savings and work efficiency05:46
  • Estimate your company’s ROI05:13
  • Training: is it necessary for your team?01:34

Why to build business automation with airSlate2 lectures β€’ 5min

  • Reasons to deploy automation with airSlate03:10
  • Final words01:37

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