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Azure site recovery on-premise data center server migration

Disaster recovery solution on cloud platform azure.learn how to migrate servers and VMs to cloud Hands on Demonstration

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  • 54min of on-demand video
  • Created by Tariq Khan
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What you’ll learn

  • What is Disaster Recovery
  • Migration Introduction
  • Understand Disaster Recovery as a service
  • Azure Site Recovery Details
  • Perform On-premise VM migration to Azure using Azure Site Recovery
  • Migrate VM to Azure
  • Major Tools & Technologies | Azure Migrate vs ASR
  • Prerequisites for Azure Site Recovery
  • How to Prepare Infrastructure before Migration
  • Prepare On Premise Infrastructure for Migration
  • Prepare Azure Platform for Migration
  • Azure Site Recovery & Key Vault Deployment
  • Demonstrate On Premise Data Center VMs Migration to Azure
  • Azure Test Failover in Case of Disaster
  • Understand the tools commonly used in migration
  • Learn about the migration processes required to migrate effectively
  • Demonstrate a simple migration (hands-on)


  • Basic Knowledge Systems | Network | Virtualization
  • Basic Cloud Platform Understanding


Welcome to Microsoft Azure Site Recovery course.

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is a DRaaS offered by Azure for use in cloud and hybrid cloud architectures. A near-constant data replication process makes sure copies are in sync. The application consistent snapshot feature of Azure Site Recovery ensures that the data is in usable state after the failover.

You’ll learn about Azure Backup before learning to implement Recovery Vaults and Azure Backup Policies. Youโ€™ll learn to implement Windows IaaS VM recovery, perform backup and restore of on-premises workloads, and manage Azure VM backups.

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ASR offers support for multiple scenarios:

ยท Replication of physical servers from on-premises and third party service providers to Azure

ยท Windows and Linux VMs hosted in VMware and Hyper-V to Azure

ยท Windows VMs hosted in AWS to Azure

ยท Windows and Linux VMs in Azure Stack to Azure

The Advantages of ASR

ยท Cost effective

ยท Data resilience

ยท Heterogeneous workload

ยท App consistent

ยท Non-disruptive testing

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery is essential for your business continuity strategies. This course will guide you through the design considerations you should keep in mind when planning to deploy Azure Site Recovery. We will go over on what is Azure Site Recovery, Requirements and the features & pricing model of Site Recovery. Also we will work on a real lab scenario of migrating and failover of a VM from on premises to Azure.

Owing to its cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and support for an extensive list of workloads, ASR has established itself as a world-leader in business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

Who this course is for:

  • System Engineers and Administrator
  • Cloud Learners

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Course content

2 sections โ€ข 13 lectures โ€ข 53m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction1 lecture โ€ข 2min

  • On Premise Data Center to Cloud Migration Course Introduction01:44

Disaster Recovery Design Implementation Management Monitoring12 lectures โ€ข 52min

  • On Premise Data Center to Cloud Migration Major Learning Objectives03:11
  • Disaster Recovery Issue Before Cloud Computing Technology02:24
  • Purpose of Disaster Recovery Plan and Tools on Microsoft Azure03:23
  • What is Microsoft Azure Migrate Fundamental Concepts and Migration Options04:31
  • What is Microsoft Azure Site Recovery ASR Basic Concept02:37
  • Real Mission Azure Site Recovery Industry Scenario and Concepts for Deployment06:19
  • How to Create Service Vault Major Steps for ASR Deployment from Scratch06:15
  • How to Create Site on Azure Site Recovery for DR03:09
  • How to Connect On Premise Physical Host Machine to Azure ASR07:33
  • How to Verify Physical Host Virual Machines VMs Inside ASR after Deployment04:40
  • How to Replicate Hyper V Host Virtual Machine to Microsoft Azure ASR06:13
  • Virtual Machine Replication Status Verification on ASR and Hyper V Host01:40
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