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Arduino Discovery: programming the UNO board made simple.

Learn to program the Arduino UNO and communicate with a variety of peripherals.

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1hr 33min of on-demand video

Created by Nils Lavik


English [Auto]

What you’ll learn

  • At the end of the course, students will be able to write programs on an Arduino board and communicate with a variety of peripherals.
  • Students will also learn the the process of finding and using libraries and understand sample code for new peripherals not even covered in this class.


  • No programming experience is required, but is helpful.
  • Get an Arduino UNO or similar board to practice coding along with the course.


This course shows you how to get an Arduino developer account, install the required drivers and use the Editor tools on your MAC/PC and teaches you how to write programs and download them on the Arduino UNO circuit board. If you are a beginner, that is OK because I will start from the very begining explaining along the way as you build up the knowledge to write your own well structured programs. If you are an experienced programmer that is new to Arduino you can also get a lot out of this class because you can skip the trial and error phase I went through figuring out how all this works. So what are you waiting for, let’s get programming!      

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning to quickly develop embedded software.

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Course content

5 sections • 22 lectures • 1h 32m total lengthCollapse all sections

introduction to the course and software tools6 lectures • 10min

  • Introduction01:51
  • Arduino UNO circuit board01:01
  • Peripherals we will use01:46
  • account01:47
  • Arduino Create editor02:42
  • Arduino Create USB driver01:09

Write your first Arduino program4 lectures • 15min

  • Using the Create editor04:01
  • Write code to toggle an LED05:57
  • Define and Integer variable02:30
  • Examples code02:55

Neopixel library and LED control4 lectures • 21min

  • Drive one Neopixel LED08:21
  • Walking LED – unrolled loop05:35
  • Walking LED – for loop – coding challenge05:19
  • Walking back LED – solution02:13

Analog and Digitial read and Serial debug4 lectures • 27min

  • Analog Read of a potentiometer.04:39
  • Serial debug.05:37
  • knob moves the Neopixel.10:11
  • Digital Read of switch and If/else.06:47

Piezo speaker and sound4 lectures • 18min

  • Piezo plays a melody06:21
  • Frequency generator06:30
  • Resonant frequency – challenge02:11
  • Resonant frequency – solution & oscilloscope verification03:09

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