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Airport Engineering & Its importance in Civil Engineering

  • A Course on Airport Engineering to gain Basic knowledge & its importance in civil & construction industry & Engineering
  • Free tutorial
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  • 1hr 53min of on-demand video
  • Created by Akshay Kamath
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What you’ll learn

  • Advantages & Dis Advantages of Airport
  • Classification of Airport
  • Apron, Control tower, Hangars, Terminal Buildings
  • System of Aircraft


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  • Wright brothers invented the first successful airplane in 1903 but it took 25 years to build the world’s first airport in 1928 at croydon near London, England. By size, Daxing International Airport, Beijing, China is the largest airport in the world and Saba Airport, Caribbean is the smallest airport.
    The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was formed in 4th April 1947, an agency of the United Nations (UN) has a set of guidelines which have to be followed for planning and development of an international airport.
    Types of airports: International airports, domestic airports and regional airports.International AirportIt has a connection with many other airports around the world and furnished with facilities like customs and immigration. These airports are usually massive with longer runways and larger aircraft.Domestic AirportIt is an airport which connects flights within the country, these airports have shorter runways when compared with international airports with no facilities like customs and immigration.Regional Airport
    It is an airport located in a particular geographical area, it is majorly used by private and small business jets.Important Components of airportsRunwaysRunway is the most important component one could think of when asked about airport, it is the area where an aircraft lands and takes off is called a runway, it could be grass or a hard surface such as asphalt or concrete.Terminal buildingFacilities such as cafes, lounges and bars are provided in terminal buildings for passengers and ticket counters, luggage check-in or transfer, security checks and customs are regarded as basics of any terminal building.ApronsThe place where aircraft are parked is called apron.TaxiwayA path that connects runway with facilities like aprons, hangars, terminals, and others.Control towerA tower through which air traffic can be monitored and controlled.Aircraft characteristics are the factors that are taken into account while designing the airport. Characteristics such as Span of wings, height, wheelbase, tail width, minimum turning radius, take-off and landing distances, range and tire pressure and contact area are considered.
    Airport Engineering deals with planning, design, construction, runways and provides safety for passengers and freight. An Airport Engineer should be technically sound enough to perform all the tasks coherently.
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Who this course is for:

  • Civil Engineers , Structural Engineers, Final year Civil Engineering Students

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Course content

2 sections • 12 lectures • 1h 53m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction8 lectures • 1hr

  • Airport Engineering l Importance of Air transportation l Advantages & Dis Advant09:56
  • Classification of Airports l ICAO recommendation for Airport Classifications l T10:53
  • Components of Airport l Runway l Taxiway l Apron l Control Tower l Terminal Buil07:50
  • Components of Airport l Control Tower l Hangar l Parking Area for Aircraft03:29
  • Airport Layout l Characteristic of Well Planned Airport l Single Runway l Parall06:36
  • Airport Site Selection l Factors to be considered in Airport Site Selection l09:36
  • System of Aircraft Parking l Frontal l Open Apron l Finger system l satellite Sy05:56
  • Types of Aircraft Parking l Nose In l Nose Out l Angled Nose In l Parallel Parki05:39

Landing l Take Off & Emergency landing l Wind Rose Diagram4 lectures • 53min

  • Wind rose Diagram l How to Plot Wind-rose for an Airport l Runway Orientation &15:03
  • Numericals on Wind-rose Diagram l How to Solve Wind rose Diagram Problems l Airp08:48
  • Normal Landing l Normal Takeoff l Runway Orientation l18:29
  • Emergency Landing of Aircraft l Stopping in Emergency l Engine failure of Aircra10:54

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