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Introduction to SDN and OpenFlow

  • What is SDN, OpenFlow and NFV? Is this actually real? Do you want to see real world, practical examples of SDN?
  • Free tutorial
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  • 54,811 students
  • 3hr 29min of on-demand video
  • Created by David BombalExperts with David Bombal
  • English

What you’ll learn

  • Differentiate between different visions of SDN
  • Determine if SDN is “real” today
  • Explain Open SDN, SDN via APIs, NFV and other related concepts
  • Explain how flow tables are updated


  • This is an introduction – no preexisting knowledge is required


This is an introductory SDN and OpenFlow course explaining different visions of what SDN actually is. The course also shows you real world implementations of SDN in very large networks as well as highly secure networks.

You will also learn about how OpenFlow separates the control and data planes of networking devices.

You will then see a practical demonstration of an application communicating with an SDN controller and Open vSwitch devices.

See the full SDN architecture as part of the demonstrations:

– SDN Applications

– SDN Controller

– OpenFlow switches

See how hosts can be blocked using OpenFlow rules.

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Who this course is for:

  • Network Engineers wanting to learn about the brave new world of SDN and OpenFlow

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Course content

7 sections • 51 lectures • 3h 29m total lengthCollapse all sections

Welcome3 lectures • 18min

  • Welcome02:14
  • Part 1: What is SDN? OpenFlow? Automation?05:53
  • Part 2: What is the NBI? SBI? Abstraction?10:03

Practical Example of SDN15 lectures • 1hr 52min

  • Important: Please read00:18
  • Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN and OpenFlow Part 1: GNS3 Switching Part 707:33
  • Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN and OpenFlow Part 2: GNS3 Switching Part 810:21
  • Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN and OpenFlow Part 3: GNS3 Switching Part 915:31
  • Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN and OpenFlow Part 4: GNS3 Switching Part 1011:28
  • Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN and OpenFlow Part 5: GNS3 Switching Part 1107:58
  • Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN and OpenFlow Part 6: GNS3 Switching Part 1407:04
  • Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN and OpenFlow Part 7: GNS3 Switching Part 1503:41
  • SDN Part 1: Ubuntu Docker Container, OpenDaylight, Python,03:32
  • SDN Part 2 Ubuntu Docker Container, OpenDaylight, Python,05:49
  • SDN Part 3 Ubuntu Docker Container, OpenDaylight, Python,06:57
  • SDN Part 4 OpenDaylight installation: Ubuntu Docker Container, OpenDaylight, Pyt06:59
  • GNS3 Talks: Create a Docker based network using OVS and Linux Containers06:40
  • GNS3 Talks: OpenFlow captures using Wireshark, Docker containers, OpenDaylight,09:18
  • GNS3 Talks: OpenFlow FLOW MOD, PACKET IN, PACKET OUT and more captures using Wir09:16

Introductory Course: What is SDN?3 lectures • 8min

  • What do the inventors say it is?00:47
  • Open SDN, SDN via overlays, White box SDN03:09
  • SDN via APIs, Cisco ACI (ASICs), OpenStack, NFV04:32

Is this actually real?6 lectures • 8min

  • Real World SDN -Google03:27
  • Real Word- Microsoft00:22
  • Real World SDN – NSA02:07
  • Real World SDN – Facebook00:53
  • Linux on switches00:35
  • Which SDN Controller should you use?00:48
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Open SDN and OpenFlow8 lectures • 18min

  • Control and Dataplane overview02:02
  • Control and Dataplanes continued01:41
  • David’s Dodgy Routing Protocol01:56
  • Server Virtualization02:28
  • Network Abstraction and virtualization02:59
  • SDN Architecture03:27
  • SDN Architecture (continued)02:18
  • North, South, East, West00:46

Demo-Applications & Controller & Infrastructure8 lectures • 21min

  • Mininet Introduction05:47
  • Mininet using OpenFlow 1.301:23
  • Mininet with 50x OpenFlow switches02:28
  • OpenFlow Tables02:46
  • SDN Architecture00:54
  • SDN App Store, App install and Network flow update04:50
  • REST API – SDN Application01:24
  • OpenFlow ACL01:51

Basic Traffic Engineering using a script- if you are interested8 lectures • 23min

  • Basic TE using a bash script Part 100:52
  • Basic TE using a bash script Part 202:12
  • Basic TE using a bash script Part 303:40
  • Basic TE using a bash script Part 402:39
  • Basic TE using a bash script Part 503:50
  • Basic TE using a bash script Part 604:32
  • Basic TE using a bash script Part 703:54
  • Basic TE using a bash script Part 801:25

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