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Make WordPress Hosting Easy with Plesk on Amazon Lightsail

  • Host your WordPress website on Amazon Lightsail and simplify WordPress WebOps with Plesk hosting platform
  • Free tutorial
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  • 53min of on-demand video
  • Created by Plesk University
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What you’ll learn

  • Set up a private virtual server with the Plesk hosting platform on Amazon Lightsail.
  • Deploy a new WordPress website or move your existing website to your new server.
  • Use the Plesk WordPress Toolkit extension to secure, update, and maintain your WordPress website.


  • Basic understanding of concepts such as “website,” “IP address,” “firewall,” “server,” and “DNS”.
  • Web browser and SSH terminal (e.g., PuTTY).


Learn how to easily move from a slow and limited shared hosting account to your own lightning-fast cloud server and make WordPress hosting simple by offloading time-consuming operations like deployments, updates, and staging.

Become a pro on Amazon Lightsail!

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Spin up a cloud server on Amazon Lightsail – a simplified version of Amazon Web Services – in just a few clicks.
  • Deploy a new WordPress website or move your existing website to your own new virtual server with the help of the powerful yet simple Plesk hosting platform, available as an application on Amazon Lightsail.
  • Point your website’s name to your new cloud server at your registrar, or start hosting your website’s DNS zone yourself on Amazon Route 53 service.
  • Protect connections to your website with a free SSL/TLS certificate.
  • Offload time-consuming WordPress maintenance tasks, such as security, regular updates, and creating a staging environment using the WordPress Toolkit extension to Plesk.
  • Ensure that mail originating on your cloud server reaches its destination and doesn’t end up in the spam folder.
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You don’t have to be an IT professional to follow the instructions in this course. If you are already familiar with terms like β€œwebsite”, β€œserver”, and β€œDNS zone” – you are good to go. We’ll explain any additional terms as we go along.

Start hosting your WordPress website on your own Amazon Lightsail server today!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner web professionals curious about website hosting on Amazon Lightsail.
  • Web professionals interested in moving from a shared hosting setup to a private virtual server in the cloud.

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Course content

6 sections β€’ 28 lectures β€’ 53m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction2 lectures β€’ 3min

  • Introduction02:23
  • Bonus lecture: About Plesk Obsidian00:29

Deploying a Lightsail Instance5 lectures β€’ 7min

  • Signing up with Amazon Web Services01:37
  • Deploying a Lightsail Instance with Plesk Onyx02:24
  • Attaching a Static IP to Your Lightsail Instance00:48
  • Connecting via SSH from Windows01:34
  • Connecting via SSH from macOS or Linux01:04

Getting Started with Plesk Onyx4 lectures β€’ 11min

  • Logging in to Plesk Onyx for the First Time03:23
  • Overview of the Plesk Platform02:28
  • Pointing Your Domain’s DNS to Your Lightsail Instance03:04
  • Securing Your Plesk Server01:46

Managing WordPress Websites with the WordPress Toolkit10 lectures β€’ 15min

  • Before we continue…00:49
  • Introducing WordPress Toolkit02:55
  • Creating a New WordPress Website01:14
  • Importing Your Existing WordPress Website to Plesk01:24
  • Managing a Remote WordPress Website01:23
  • Securing Your WordPress Websites01:22
  • Updating WordPress on Your Website02:40
  • Setting up Automatic Updates for WordPress Websites01:06
  • Creating a Staging Environment01:00
  • Publishing from Staging to Production01:09

Using Plesk Mail Services6 lectures β€’ 17min

  • Introduction00:34
  • Setting Up the Domain’s Mail DNS Records: MX, SPF, DKIM03:04
  • Why You Need a Mail Relay and Signing Up with Mailjet03:21
  • Authenticating Your Domain With Mailjet02:23
  • Reconfiguring the Postfix Mail Server04:45
  • Setting Up WordPress to Send Mail through Plesk’s Mail Service02:27
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Conclusion1 lecture β€’ 1min

  • Thank You and Good Bye!00:26

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