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ChatGPT in 30 Minutes: NEW Prompt Engineering & AI Skills

  • All-New ChatGPT Prompting Skills. Learn AI Vision, ‘No Code’ Programming, Data Analytics, + More. Practical Examples..
  • New
  • Rating: 4.4 out of 54.4 (352 ratings)
  • 4,209 students
  • 37min of on-demand video
  • Created by Andrew BestAddison J Best
  • English

What you’ll learn

  • Intro to LLM’s and ChatGPT (ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4 Turbo)
  • Latest Techniques in Prompt Engineering
  • Learn AI Vision with Interesting Examples
  • Practical AI Skills – Data Analytics, Python Code Generation (No Code Programming)
  • Learn How to Make an MP4 Video with ChatGPT


  • No programming experience needed.


This free course on prompt engineering will help you level-up your AI skills in a big way.  Most courses on ChatGPT are too similar to each other.  The examples are boring and obvious. 

In this course, you will learn exciting practical examples on how to use ChatGPT to its fullest. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Cutting edge prompting techniques
  • AI vision
  • No-code programming
  • How to make an MP4 video with ChatGPT
  • How to make a panoramic video with ChatGPT
  • Data analytics
  • and much more…

This course is perfect for beginners, but even if you are an intermediate or advanced user of ChatGPT, it is still useful because of our unique examples. 

Examples from this Course:

  1. We teach the latest prompting techniques and terms – Personas, ‘Lost in the middle’, ‘flip the script’ prompting…
  2. We take a panoramic photo and show you how to get ChatGPT to turn it into a panning video. 
  3. We get ChatGPT to use Python programming language to make an MP4 video you can put on YouTube.
  4. We get ChatGPT to create a spreadsheet with realistic synthetic data, and then use ChatGPT to perform data analysis on it and make bar graphs, pie charts, etc.
  5. We get ChatGPT to read a barely legible report card from 1985, and answer questions about it.
  6. We get ChatGPT to read a school assignment in French, translate it to English, answer the questions, and get Dalle-3 to produce an image about it.
  7. And much more…
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Who this course is for:

  • Beginners and Intermediates who want to get the Most out of ChatGPT
  • Beginners, Intermediates, Python Programmers, Those with No Programming Skills…

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Course content

6 sections • 17 lectures • 36m total lengthCollapse all sections

Introduction4 lectures • 5min

  • Introduction00:35
  • Syllabus00:26
  • Prompt Engineering02:23
  • Why is this Course Different?01:33

Course Terminology and Concepts8 lectures • 11min

  • Objectives00:41
  • Personas03:17
  • Audience Personas01:08
  • Writing Styles00:32
  • Constraints and Formats00:55
  • Combining Techniques00:52
  • Baby Steps02:19
  • Lost in the Middle00:59

Turn Panoramic Photo into Scrolling Video1 lecture • 4min

  • Video – How to use ChatGPT to make this?04:28

Python Video – Acceleration Towards AGI1 lecture • 4min

  • How to make Python Video04:12

AI Vision2 lectures • 7min

  • AI Vision – Example 1 – Homework Translation03:24
  • AI Vision – Example 2 – Report Card Analysis03:24

AI Data Analytics1 lecture • 6min

  • AI Data Analytics – Create Sales data in Excel and Analyze and create graphs05:40

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