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Android Application Development for Beginners

  • A complete guide for learning Android App development .This online course is only for Beginners.
  • Free tutorial
  • Rating: 2.8 out of 52.8 (29 ratings)
  • 1,826 students
  • 1hr 4min of on-demand video
  • Created by Mushraf Shaikh
  • English

What you’ll learn


  • Students should have a basic knowledge of Java Programming


Android Application Development is one of the rising and growing trend in the Industry of Mobile. This Course Examines the principals of mobile application design and covers the necessary concepts which are required to understand mobile based applications and develop Android based application. After completing the course students will design and build a variety of real-time Apps using Android.

This course is designed to teach anyone how to make a new Android app from scratch. Learn all the basics of the platform and all the skills an Android app needs.

In this course, you will learn basic Android programming concepts and can build a variety of apps, using the Java programming language.

The Aim of this course is to help the student to attain the following industry identified competency through various teaching learning experiences:

1.Interpret features of Android Operating System.

2.Configure Android environment and development tools.

3.Develop rich user Interfaces by using layouts and controls.

4.Use user Interface components for Android application Development.

5.Create Android application using database

6.Publish Android applications

This online Course will Cover the following Chapters

  1. Android and its Tools
  2. Installation and Configuration of Android
  3. UI Components and Layouts
  4. Designing User Interface with View
  5. Activity and Multimedia Databases
  6. Security and Application Deployment
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Introduction to Android

β€’Open software platform for mobile development

β€’A complete stack – OS, Middleware, Applications

β€’An Open Handset Alliance (OHA) project

β€’Powered by Linux operating system

β€’Fast application development in Java

β€’Open source under the Apache 2 license

Who this course is for:

  • Interested students for App Development for Mobile Devices

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Course content

1 section β€’ 6 lectures β€’ 1h 3m total length

Introduction6 lectures β€’ 1hr 4min

  • Lecture 1: Android and its Tools10:58
  • Lecture 2: Installation and Configuration of Android15:47
  • Lecture 3: UI Components and Layouts07:22
  • Lecture 4: Use User Interface components for android application development.19:20
  • Lecture 5: Create Android application using database05:58
  • Lecture 6: Publish Android applications04:20

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